Chorong – NowKPop International KPop Media Frontier Mon, 26 Jun 2017 10:20:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 85292321 APINK makes their summer comeback with ‘FIVE’ Mon, 26 Jun 2017 10:20:32 +0000

APINK releases their new title track. ‘FIVE’ alongside their 6th Mini Album ‘Pink Up. The song itself is extremely upbeat with the signature innocently cute vibe , combined with their refreshing looks and cute dance moves this Music Video is a perfect representation of  APINK in summer ! A member has also taken a completely new style, there Pink Pandas should definitely check them out!

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New to the fandom? Learn more about APINK here: APINK Profile

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APink Releases Teaser Video for First Photobook Fri, 29 Apr 2016 09:24:55 +0000 APink’s first photo book teaser has finally been released and the members look as sweet and charming as ever! The photo book, which was shot in LA, will be released with the title ‘GIRLS SWEET REPOSE’.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Chorong is the next Apink member to get an Instagram account! Wed, 13 Jan 2016 11:21:02 +0000

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인스타 시작! 뭐 어떻게 하는거지..

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Who is the next Apink member to get an Instagram account…? It is no other than the adorable rong leader Chorong! 

Following members Naeun and Namjoo, Chorong will be the third Apink member to get an official Instagram account. Meanwhile make sure you follow the Apink members on Instagram and show them your love and support!

Who do you think will be the next Apink member to get an Instagram account after Chorong?

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K-Pop idols you’d never guessed were the same age! Sat, 07 Nov 2015 13:11:00 +0000 Many Korean idols are either known for having baby faces, or looking more mature than their age. Here are some idols who, unbelievably, are the same age but don’t look like it!


BoA KwonZhou Mi (Super Junior M), Boram (T-ARA), Sojin (Girls’ Day)

BeFunky Collage




G-Dragon (Big Bang), Gyuri (KARA), Kwanghee (ZE:A), Taecyeon (2PM), UEE (After School), Kyuhyun (Super Junior)



CL (2NE1), Hyorin (SISTAR), Chorong (APink), Hoya (Infinite), Min (Miss A), Goo Hara (KARA), Nana (After School), Irene (Red Velvet), LE (EXID)


Jackson (GOT7), Naeun (APink), Minzy (2NE1), Suzy (Miss A), Sulli, Krystal [f(x)], Taehyun (WINNER), Rap Monster (BTS)


Tzuyu (TWICE), Yeri (Red Velvet), Soohyun (AKMU), Chaeyoung (TWICE), Arin (Oh My Girl), Kim So Hyun

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20 Korean idols who love fashionable chokers Fri, 30 Oct 2015 12:09:23 +0000 A choker is a close-fitting necklace and it met its peak during the 1990s, but now, its very hit item once again! This fashionable item makes the entire look look more chic yet in a careless manner. Almost all Korean idols wear chokers, but we’ll only name a few here.

  1. Gong Hyo Jin

2. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Since 1988 🙂



3. Rap Monster (BTS)

RM 1


4. Soyou (SISTAR)



5. IU


6. Tae-hyun (WINNER)



7. Taeyeon (SNSD)


8. Chorong (Apink)


9. Sulli



10. UEE (After School)



11. Suzy (Miss A)



12. Bam Bam (GOT7)


13. HyunA (4minute)

hyuna 2 hyuna


14. Wonwoo (Seventeen)



15. Xiumin (EXO)



16. Nayeon (TWICE)

nayeon 1nayeon 2


16. CL (2NE1)



17. Nana (After School)



18. Seungyeon (CLC)



19. Yubin (Wonder girls)



20. Solar (Mamamoo)

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Happy Birthday to APink’s Bomi!!!! Wed, 12 Aug 2015 15:06:21 +0000 Happy Birthday Bomi!!!!! It is APink’s Yoon Bomi’s  23rd (22nd International Age) birthday!

APink is currently promoting their new song ‘Remember’ and maknae Hayoung’s birthday just passed and it was also during this promotional period! Vocal Jung Eunji will also be celebrating her birthday 5 days later! NowKPop wishes Bomi all the best and we hope she stays energetic and extremely cheerful forever!

Pink members are also celebrating her birthday as we speak with a beautiful cake!



Lets also watch a fan made photo video of Bomi along with the song she sang with 2AM SeuLong ~ Lovely Have!~ (Warning! She looks extremely cute in this video! Heart Attack risks are high!)

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APink transforms into Fairies for ‘Petal’! Tue, 04 Aug 2015 12:18:12 +0000 APink transforms into fairies once again for their music video of ‘Petal’! This is the follow up song for their current comeback with ‘Remember’! ‘Petal’ is a song about wondering if your crush knows that you love them or not. This song is really cute and combined with APink’s innocent fairy image, it completely takes us to a new world of romance

APink has won 3 trophies so far in music shows and are still doing well on the charts! They sold over 40K physical copies of Pink Memory as well!

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Top 19 Kpop Idols who look the same pre-debut Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:48:33 +0000 1. GOT7 Jackson

He still has that bright eye-smile 🙂











2. Big Bang T.O.P.

toptop 1









3. IU

iu 1










4. EXID Hani  













5. Miss A Min





6. Akdong Musician

akmu akmu 1


7. Ailee

ailee predebut ailee


8. SNSD Seohyun

Those big round eyes are still there











9. F(x) Sulli

She only fixed her teeth, and everything else stayed the same.









10. Big Bang Taeyang


taeyang 1








11. Infinite L

Exclude the bush hair please.

infinite L









12. Super Junior Siwon

siwonsiwon 2









13. G-Friend Umji


14. 2NE1 CL

clcl 2


15. Sistar Bora

Beautiful as always 🙂












16. T-ARA Jiyeon




17. Miss A Fei and Jia

fei jiajia fei











18. Apink Chorong

chorongchorong 1









19. Miss A Suzy









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[Unconfirmed] Fans may meet APink in their rumored second concert,’Pink Island’! Wed, 22 Jul 2015 12:22:52 +0000 Pink Island

APink may be soon holding another concert in Korea! A poster of the concert is now currently distributed through social media hinting that they will be having their second concert this year!They just recently finished their last ‘Pink Paradise’ concert round and it ended with great success! This time their concert is titled ‘Pink Island’ and is definitely going to be lots of fun for Pink Pandas! It will be held at 22-23 August in Jamsil!

APink is right now promoting their new song ‘Remember’ and their 2nd album ‘Pink Memory’! Maknae Hayoung also just had her 20th (19 international age) birthday and Eunji and Bomi will have theirs too at August 13 and August 18th!

More information will be revealed as ACube releases official statements! Pleas be sure to support APink for their comeback for Remember!

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APink’s Leader ,Chorong, is currently accused for having bad vocals Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:19:34 +0000 Trend #WeLoveChorong and #ChorongFighting to support Chorong!

APink’s leader Park Chorong is getting accused for having bad vocals. A certain K-Pop news outlet is currently stirring up comments of netizens that criticized Chorongs bad vocals, and we have decided to speak out and express our feels too.

Chorong’s voice was criticized for being weak and unable to hit high notes. Yes, Chorong’s voice is really soft, but it is a great addition to the range of vocals that APink offers. Her voice is really unique and it is definitely able to make APink look and sound really sweet and cute. Yes, Chorong’s voice may not be as powerful as other members and she might not be able to hit high notes all the time, but everyone is born with a different vocal range and that is why girl groups are so special compared to solo singers, it is all because of how many different voices they can offer in a song, and as long as they fuse well together, in the end it doesn’t matter, because everyone is different with different charms in their voice.

Chorong is not just a singer, but a great dancer. Her ability to dance is important too because in a girl group you also need dance moves that bring the song to life during love performances!  That is why Chorong is significant in APink.

Chorong is also a great lyric writer, she has written multiple songs for APink. APink’s famous ballad song, ‘Love Story (Fairytale Love)’ was beautifully crafted by Chorong. The lyrics were up to professional quality and is really touching. Therefore we can see how talented Chorong is.

Chorong also acted in drama Plus Nine Boys, showing her talent in acting!

Chorong is also a great leader for APink. We can see that from how much APink members respect Chorong. If you do follow APink, you will find out that Chorong cooks and cleans the house for APink usually. She also made Hayoung a lunch box to celebrate her graduation! Chorong is precious not just to Pink Pandas, but also to APink members.

Chorong is a girl with many emotions. Chorong is known to tear up easily whenever something happens to APink. She is also really cute and her aegyo flows out naturally without her even trying. Therefore Chorong is more than what you usually see just from the surface.

Chorong also cares for fans. She urges fans to drink more water during summer during one of her SNS posts. Showing her love to fans.

In an interview, the director of APink was asked who is the most hard-working in APink. The director responded by saying it was Chorong, and it was because she wanted to set a good example for her dongsaengs (Younger Members) !


Idols go through tough training before their debut, therefore they should not be made fun of.  Most say that they should just ‘deal with it’ because the moment they decided to become an idol, they should be prepared for this.Idols are also humans, they have feelings. Chorong is not just the only one that is being criticized, many idols are criticized on a daily basis. Netizens may not be able to make things viral alone, but with the media helping them they can easily spread like wildfire. Media outlets should realize that they have an important role in spreading information and they should use it wisely and if they do not have knowledge on the situation, they should not report it. One outlet even posted the wrong picture and put Hayoung instead of Chorong. Really?


To Chorong. NowKPop supports you, we know that you have much more talent than what the hateful netizens claim. You are precious to Pink Pandas and APink members, therefore, please don’t get upset over the comments. If you are upset, so will the people that love you! Stay happy ,stay healthy, we will continue supporting you. We are looking forward for more awesome performances that you will bring us through ‘Remember’ promotions this summer!- KJH, CEO of NowKPop

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