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DIA ‘듣고싶어 can’t stop’ 2nd teaser clip

DIA is coming back with a new song ‘듣고 싶어 can’t stop’ They have 2 different version of teaser clip This is the second ver. teaser of ‘듣고 싶어 can’t stop’:         To watch the first ver. teaser of ‘듣고 싶어 can’t stop’, please visit the link …

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DIA is coming back!

Dia is coming back with their new album ‘Love Generation (사랑의 시대)’ on August 22, 2017. This is their 3rd mini album.   The new title is called ‘듣고 싶어 (can’t stop)’ and the teaser video is released!    

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DIA (다이아) – “On The Road (그 길에서)” Fanchant (응원법)

그 길에서 응원법 (0.15) 유니스! 희현! 제니! 예빈! 은진! 채연! 은채! 다이아! 매일 우리가 걷던 그 길에서 둘이서 나눈 약속 기억하니 (다이아) 지금은 나 혼자 걷고 있지만 내일은 너와 함께 걷고 싶어 (에이드) 요즘 따라 한때 소중했던 그 약속이 생각나 (넌 모르겠지만) 너를 향한 마음이 모이고 또 벅차 올라서 참을 수 없어(그 …

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DIA to hold their second album showcase on June 14th!

  DIA, who will be making their comeback with their second full length album later on the month has revealed information on their showcase. DIA The 2nd Album “Happy Ending” showcase will be held on June 14th at Lotte Card Art Center at 20:00(KST), their upcoming comeback will be their first release …

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YMC Entertainment releases information for I.O.I’s upcoming sub-unit

I.O.I, who is set to debut their first sub-unit in the summer has now unveiled more information! According to YMC Entertainment, “I.O.I’s first sub-unit is aimed to debut by the end of July or early August. Their first sub-unit will not include members Chaeyeon, Sejeong and Mina as they will either be promoting …

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Produce 101’s Ki Hee Hyun (Cathy): I have no regrets!

Despite not getting to debut in CJ E&M’s new girl group I.O.I, DIA’s Cathy says she has no regrets in participating in the show. During her interview with TVReport she said “I am actually a person who dislike having regrets, that is the reason why I have worked really hard. So even if I failed I …

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[BREAKING] DIA’s Chaeyeon and Cathy to temporary leave the group for Produce 101

DIA’s Chaeyeon and Cathy will be leaving the group temporarily in order to participate in the Produce 101 project. Earlier today MBK Entertainment released an official statement on Chaeyeon and Cathy’s participation in the Produce 101 project. They stated: Memebrs Chaeyeon and Cathy has recently told us that they would like to try and challenge the Produce 101 project, …

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[EXCLUSIVE] Best 8 Girl Group Debuts (2015)

(Order according to their debut dates) 1. GFriend – Glass Bead GFriend splashed into the KPOP Industry back in January 2015 with their debut mini album Season Of Glass. The title track Glass Bead, is an upbeat dance-pop track which showcases the girls’ skillful dance and talented vocals; while expressing the innocent heart of a …

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