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When the summer warmth starts to fade, the winter breeze lightly embraces our skin, we know that we have approached Fall. This summer, a lot of powerful, energetic tracks were released such as BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU DU DDU DU’ and TWICE’s ‘Dance the Night Away’, and it is now time for Paul Kim to give us a taste of Fall.

‘Me After You’ by Paul Kim captures the essence of a relationship and expresses it beautifully in this gentle ballad. The song brings us into the deeper feelings of love of a couple who has been together for a long time.

Paul Kim shows us that love is more complicated than what most see as just pure joy, as illustrated in many love songs like IZ*ONE’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ where everything is happy, rosy and bubbly. When listening to this song, the audience walks into a beautiful yet realistic love story and explores a journey of love with the feelings of joy, gratefulness and even the guilt of wanting to be better for one another through. Many people say that one matures through a relationship and this song is gracefully executed with Paul Kim being able to express the complexions of feelings and emotions through his soft yet powerful vocals which is well complimented by the precise instrumentals, illustrating the subtle changes that love does to a person. Indeed in reality, event the best relationships are definitely full of ups and downs, and the complicated mix of emotions is what makes love so hard to comprehend, with each relationship so different from one another.

If Summer marks the start of love, then Fall shall mark the maturity of love, which is definitely shown in Paul Kim’s ‘Me After You’

Have you listened to it yet? What are your comments on this song? Please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Kyuhyun embraces autumn with his second mini album “Fall, Once Again” http://www.nowkpop.com/2015/10/15/kyuhyun-embraces-autumn-with-his-second-mini-album-fall-once-again/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=kyuhyun-embraces-autumn-with-his-second-mini-album-fall-once-again http://www.nowkpop.com/2015/10/15/kyuhyun-embraces-autumn-with-his-second-mini-album-fall-once-again/#respond Wed, 14 Oct 2015 15:00:19 +0000 http://www.nowkpop.com/?p=9569 p1a15kfqpv19fql8513qq3bv10mk4

Kyuhyun is finally making his awaited return after eleven months will the release of his second ever mini album “Fall, Once Again”!

After teasing us with nine teaser images and several clips of his newest ballad album, the idol has finally dropped his second mini album “Fall, Once Again” both digitally and physically. Again his title track A Million Pieces features his amazing and sweet voice, embracing the lovely season.

The music video features the beautiful, stunning view of Switzerland, as well as the famous actress Go Ara. Therefore without further ado, Kyuhyun is back with A Million Pieces!

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