gdandtop – NowKPop International KPop Media Frontier Sun, 09 Aug 2015 13:58:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 85292321 Big Bang Comeback Stage “Zutter” and “Let’s Not Fall In Love”! Sun, 09 Aug 2015 13:58:10 +0000 Big Bang performed their comeback stage in today’s episode of SBS Inkigayo! Their performance included both their comeback titles “Let’s Not Fall In Love” featuring the enter band and “Zutter” with GD and TOP rapping alongside as a sub-group.

While “Lets Not Fall In Love” is a rather mellow and blue song similar to “Lose”, “Zutter” is very upbeat and gives off a hip-hop feel which talks of how GD and TOP are cool and awesome compared to other people.

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‘Stages of Love’ with K-Pop Songs Mon, 06 Jul 2015 13:50:26 +0000 Have you ever imagined falling in love with someone at first-sight? Here is our version of the stages of falling in love supported with K-Pop songs. Be ready to immerse yourself in a world of love and enjoy!

When you first meet your girl/boy, you get the feeling of a fast-beating heart and you totally can’t take your eyes off her/him!

“It must be L-O-V-E, 200% sure of that!

I want you, Baby, I mean really..”

You’re having a good day with your girl/guy! Wow! Finally, you are able to experience love for the first time and you don’t want him/her to go home yet. Of course you would want to spend more time together!

“Don’t go home, Baby.”

Oh no! This is the first stage of your breakup! You cry your heart out- everything around you seems to be dripping with sadness.

“Tears are falling, flowing down my cheeks.”

But you know how you don’t really hate her/him and you regret all the mean words you’ve said to her/him! You want to fix your relationship and get back together 🙁

“Come back. I want you back, back, back, back.”

Can you fix your relation? Would it be successful?

“If it’s not too late, can’t we got back together?”

However, in the end, you get back up bravely and you want to show him/her that it was loss to him/her for leaving you behind! You tell yourself that you will never look back and that you will look towards the bright future!

“I will show you how I’ve changed,

I’ll show you how I’ve become extremely pretty,

I won’t cry over love like a fool, over you who left.”

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