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GFriend returns to Top 10 on every single digital chart in Korea!

GFreind is getting a lot of attention after a fancam of¬†Yuju¬†and¬†SinB¬†falling down multiple times went viral. Recently a fancam of¬†Yuju¬†and¬†SinB¬†performing their hit track¬†“Me Gustas Tu”¬†has gained many attentions as they still continued to perform no matter how many times they fall. With the viral fancam, GFriend‘s Me Gustas Tu¬†returns back …

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GFriend rages back up on digital charts!

Recently the fancam from GFriend’s performance at the “Inje SBS Radio Public Broadcast”¬†has got viral, not only Korea but internationally! Therefore the song that the girls were performing gets viral as well! During the week¬†GFriend’s newest title track “Me Gustas Tu”¬†rises rapidly on chart, not only charting within top 20 …

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GFriend’s Yuju assure fans that she’s okay!

Countless of fans have been worried for¬†Gfriend’s Yuju¬†and¬†SinB’s¬†well being after falling multiple times during a performance! Earlier today¬†Yuju¬†posted a¬†photo on Gfriend’s official facebook, of her in the backstage of¬†SBS’ Inkigayo,¬†with a caption saying:¬†Don’t worry~ i’m OK! <3 <3. Assuring fans that she’s safe from the multiple falls. Take care¬†Gfriend!

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GFriend slips multiple times during performance!

A fancam of GFriend performing their new hit song ‘Me Gustas Tu’ has gone viral after seeing that the members of GFriend slipped multiple times whilst performing on a slippery stage. On the 5th of September, GFriend made an appearance for an outdoor concert for Hyundai where they performed their …

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GFriend shows off their amazing dance abilities on V!

Rookie group Gfriend,¬†who has just proved their popularity by being the first girl group who made their debut this year to achieve an amazing 2nd place on music shows; is back on the V app! This time, the 6 angels showed off their amazing dance abilities with their flawless random …

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GFriend’s surpasses 2 million views for Me Gustas Tu!

Congratulations to GFriend, for surpassing 2 million views for their first ever comeback music video¬†Me Gustas Tu! The song itself has also surpassed 213,669 sales on digital portals in 3 weeks time being one of the best selling single from a rookie group, especially from a small agency!¬†Congratulations! Meanwhile the …

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GFriend surpasses 6 million views for Glass Bead!

Congratulations to GFriend,¬†being the first rookie group of the year to surpass an amazing number of 6 million views for their debut music video¬†Glass Bead!¬†6 Million views might not be much for a Youtube video however it is a great accomplishment for a rookie group especially from a small agency! …

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Inkigayo is back at Sokcho with their Kpop Music Festival!

Inkigayo¬†is back with it’s weekly show, this time instead of holding a live broadcast SBS¬†played the recordings that they made on the Sokcho Kpop Music Festival last week! Nominees and winners will be announced sometime next week on¬†Inigayo’s¬†official website as it wasn’t announced during the episode! Performers of the night …

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Big Bang wins August 15th’s Music Core

Music Core¬†is back¬†this week with the “Korean Independence Day” special! Big Bang¬†grabbed the #1 trophy for their song ‚ÄúLet’s Not Fall In Love” on the August 15th episode of ‚ÄúMusic Core‚ÄĚ! ¬† The nominees for today’s episode were Wonder Girls, Big Bang and SHINee¬†however it was Big Bang¬†who grabbed the …

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