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Top 10 Visuals of Girl-groups chosen by females

Many females users on the Korean social network site Enter-Talk recently participated in a survey asking them to vote for the top 10 visuals in female idol groups. These were the results from the survey: 1st– Miss A -> Suzy (Translation:¬†Of course Suzy) 2nd– f(x) -> Krystal (Translation: To be …

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[BREAKING] Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara will officially leave KARA after their contract ends on February 2!

Earlier today, music insiders has revealed that the¬†KARA¬†members will no longer renew their contracts with¬†DSP Entertainment,¬†and will officially depart from the company as soon as their contracts end on February 2, 2016. According to media outlets, member¬†Hara¬†have been contacting¬†Keyeast, SM C&C¬†as well as¬†JYP Entertainment¬†for her new contract. These entertainment agencies …

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[BREAKING] Hara and Seungyeon announces departure from KARA!?

As all of you might know, KARA’s Gyuri, Seungyeon¬†and¬†Hara’s¬†contract with¬†DSP Media¬†will be officially expiring by the end of the month, and now it is revealed that¬†Seungyeon¬†and¬†Hara¬†will both be departing¬†from the group! According to OSEN, members¬†Seungyeon¬†and¬†Hara¬†has officially announced their departure from the group, while leader Gyuri¬†is still searching for entertainment companies. …

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K-Pop idols you’d never guessed were the same age!

Many Korean idols are either known for having baby faces, or looking more mature than their age. Here are some idols who, unbelievably, are the same age but don’t look like it! 1986 BoA Kwon,¬†Zhou Mi (Super Junior M),¬†Boram¬†(T-ARA),¬†Sojin¬†(Girls’ Day)     1988 G-Dragon¬†(Big Bang),¬†Gyuri (KARA),¬†Kwanghee¬†(ZE:A),¬†Taecyeon (2PM),¬†UEE¬†(After School),¬†Kyuhyun (Super Junior) …

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KARA Profile

(From Left¬†To Right) Top {Gyuri (Former), Seungyeon(Former)} (From Left¬†To Right)¬†Bottom {Youngji, Hara(Former)} KARA¬†(Korean:¬†žĻīŽĚľ) is a four member girl group under DSP Media. The members consist of Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Youngji.¬† They officially debuted with the¬†release¬†of their first full-length album “The First Bloooooming” on July 29 2007; and held their …

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