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SISTAR grabs the #1 trophy for July 7th episode of Show Champion!

SISTAR grabbed their first #1 trophy for their song “Shake it” on the July 7th’s episode of “Show Champion”! The nominees for today’s episode were MAMAMOO, AOA, Sistar, BTOB and Big Bang However it was SISTAR who grabbed the #1 trophy. Congratulations!

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AOA wins July 1st’s episiode of “Show Champion”

AOA grabbed their first #1 trophy for their song “Heart Attack” on the July 1st’s episode of “Show Champion”! On this episode Minx came back with their new song “Love Shake”, Awesome Baby debuted with “Why Should I?”, Playback debuted with “Playback”, NS Yoon-G returned with “Honey”, BTOB came back with “It’s Okay”, and last but not least BTS returned with their …

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Teen Top grabs the #1 trophy from June 30th’s “The Show”!

Teen Top grabbed their first #1 trophy for their song “Ah-Ah” on the June 30th episode of “The Show”! On this episode Sistar came back with their new song “Shake It”, Teen Top came back with “Ah-Ah“, BTS made a return with their follow up single “Dope”, Chanyeon returned with Obvious “ NS Yoon-G came back with “Honey”, Minx made their …

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