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Sister’s Slam Dunk has released their M/V

Sister’s Slam Dunk has released their Music Video(M/V) yesterday. The title of the album is ‘Right? 맞지?’ and the members of Unnies are Kim Suk 김숙, Hong Jin-Kyung 홍진경, Kang Ye-Won 강예원, Han Chae-Young 한채영,  Hong Jin-Young 홍진영, Minzy 민지, Jeon So-Mi 전소미 Check out the music video!  

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2016 KBS Gayo Daechukje Live Stream

KBS Music Bank (Start: 6:30 KST) 1. http://tv.itver.cc/kbs2/ 2. http://tv.idol001.com/idoltv-kbs2.html 3. http://cn.itver.cc/kbs2-tv/ 4. http://www.kbs.co.kr/player/player_playlist.php?ch=12

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BEAST Jun-hyung makes 18+ comments on sleeping shirtless

On KBS‘ “Happy Together” which aired recently on 4 August, the guests started talking about pajamas and sleepwear. When BEAST‘s Jun-hyung was asked on what he wears to sleep, he commented cooly, “I just wear my underwear. I feel uncomfortable when there’s something on my skin.” Hearing this, Park Myeong-Soo …

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[EXCLUSIVE] Performance list of 2015 KBS Gayo Daechukje!

[Part 1] 2). GFriend – Glass Bead + Me Gustas Tu 6). Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb 7). AOA-  Heart Attack 11) Ailee 13) EXID 15) Sketchbook Collaboration (Dynamic Duo, Zion T, Crush, Ailee) [Part 2 Opening Boy Group Dance Performance] 16-1). GOT7- We Are GOT7 16-2). BTS- Hypest Hype 16-3). VIXX- Armor Down  16-4). GOT7, BTS, …

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[HOT] 7 Banned Female KPop Dances by KBS (2015)

(Order according to release date) 1. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle What was banned: Shirt lifting  2. Nine Muses – Drama What was banned: Legs lifting  3. Gain – Paradise Lost What was banned: Floor Dance 4. FIESTAR – You’re Pitful What was banned: Nothing was banned during the live stages, however the squatting part was too sexual. …

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2015 KBS Gayo Daechukje live stream!

KBS Gayo Daechukje : December 30th 7:50PM KST 1. (Not working on ASIA/Oceania) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kgp756 2. https://streamup.com/kgp700 3.  http://vaughnlive.tv/kgp700 4. https://streamup.com/kgp720 5. http://reall.tv/kgp702 6. (Low Quality) https://livehouse.in/en/channel/351873

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Beast wins August 7th Music Bank!

Music Bank is back with it’s weekly show! Beast grabbed the #1 trophy for their song “YeY” on the August 7th episode of “Music Bank”!   For today’s episode, Super Junior re came back to express their everlasting love to their one and only Devil, Wonder Girls finally returns after a 3 year hiatus with I …

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AOA member Mina uncovers what men do that make her heart flutter

AOA member Mina uncovers what things that men do make her heart flutter in a recent episode of KBS’ Hello Counselor.  Mina had made an appearance along with other member Choa as well as K. Will, and Homme’s Changmin and Lee Hyun.  At the start of the episode, MC Jung Chan Woo asked male guests who was the most handsome out of …

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