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Jeon So Mi makes her third debut+ Idol drama operation team

  Jeon So Mi from I.O.I is now presenting her third debut from the ‘Idol Drama Operation Team: Let’s only walk the flower road’. It is the web- drama where all the members of the team makes a story and presenting it to the viewers. The cast member includes Moon Byul (Mamamoo), …

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Sister’s Slam Dunk has released their M/V

Sister’s Slam Dunk has released their Music Video(M/V) yesterday. The title of the album is ‘Right? 맞지?’ and the members of Unnies are Kim Suk 김숙, Hong Jin-Kyung 홍진경, Kang Ye-Won 강예원, Han Chae-Young 한채영,  Hong Jin-Young 홍진영, Minzy 민지, Jeon So-Mi 전소미 Check out the music video!  

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2016 KBS Gayo Daechukje Live Stream

KBS Music Bank (Start: 6:30 KST) 1. http://tv.itver.cc/kbs2/ 2. http://tv.idol001.com/idoltv-kbs2.html 3. http://cn.itver.cc/kbs2-tv/ 4. http://www.kbs.co.kr/player/player_playlist.php?ch=12

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BEAST Jun-hyung makes 18+ comments on sleeping shirtless

On KBS‘ “Happy Together” which aired recently on 4 August, the guests started talking about pajamas and sleepwear. When BEAST‘s Jun-hyung was asked on what he wears to sleep, he commented cooly, “I just wear my underwear. I feel uncomfortable when there’s something on my skin.” Hearing this, Park Myeong-Soo …

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[EXCLUSIVE] Performance list of 2015 KBS Gayo Daechukje!

[Part 1] 2). GFriend – Glass Bead + Me Gustas Tu 6). Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb 7). AOA-  Heart Attack 11) Ailee 13) EXID 15) Sketchbook Collaboration (Dynamic Duo, Zion T, Crush, Ailee) [Part 2 Opening Boy Group Dance Performance] 16-1). GOT7- We Are GOT7 16-2). BTS- Hypest Hype 16-3). VIXX- Armor Down  16-4). GOT7, BTS, …

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[HOT] 7 Banned Female KPop Dances by KBS (2015)

(Order according to release date) 1. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle What was banned: Shirt lifting  2. Nine Muses – Drama What was banned: Legs lifting  3. Gain – Paradise Lost What was banned: Floor Dance 4. FIESTAR – You’re Pitful What was banned: Nothing was banned during the live stages, however the squatting part was too sexual. …

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2015 KBS Gayo Daechukje live stream!

KBS Gayo Daechukje : December 30th 7:50PM KST 1. (Not working on ASIA/Oceania) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kgp756 2. https://streamup.com/kgp700 3.  http://vaughnlive.tv/kgp700 4. https://streamup.com/kgp720 5. http://reall.tv/kgp702 6. (Low Quality) https://livehouse.in/en/channel/351873

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