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[Album Review] Super Junior ‚Äď ‚ÄėMagic‚Äô

¬† Tracklist: 1. Magic¬†{Title Track} 2. Devil {Title Track} 3. Simply Beautiful (Yesung, Kangin, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) 4.¬†ŽÜą, ŽÜą, ŽÜą [You Got It] (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Eunhyuk. Donghae) 5.¬†ŽŹĄŽ°úžčú [Dorothy]¬†(Super Junior K.R.Y) 6. Sarang‚ô• (Leeteuk Heechul) 7. Ž≥ĄžĚī Žú¨Žč§ [Star Appear‚Ķ] 8. Good love 9. We Can (Super Junior K.R.Y) …

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Happy Birthday to Kim Kibum!

Yesterday was a really long day for¬†E.L.Fs¬†after shocking announcements, but we have something to celebrate first before you continue your process of recovering from yesterday’s shock! First of all¬†Happy Birthday to¬†Kibum!¬†Born on August 21 1987, he has now turned 28 internationally! Although he has officially became a former member of¬†Super …

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Super Junior’s Heechul and Ryeowook cheers on Kibum after his departure!

After the announcement of Kibum’s departure from¬†Super Junior¬†and¬†SM Entertainment, members of¬†Super Junior¬†started going on social network sites showing their unlimited support¬†for¬†Kibum!¬† Ryeowook posted on Twitter saying “Kibum ah, (I) will always be cheering on you!! I sincerely hope that you’ll go to somewhere better and be happier~ Be sure to …

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[BREAKING] Super Junior’s Kibum officially leaves SM Entertainment!

It has just been announced that Super Junior’s¬†Kibum’s¬†exclusive contract with SM Entertainment¬†has officially came to an end, therefore¬†Kibum¬†will be leaving the agency as well as the group. Earlier today¬†Kibum¬†posted on Instagram stating “2015 August 18th. Finished with S.M. ent. Lets begin my new life…!! Thank You to SM, who accompany …

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Super Junior’s Kibum made his first ever Instagram account!

Great news for E.L.F¬†as¬†Kibum¬†has finally made his first ever Instagram account! To start his Instagram he uploaded a photo of him with his siblings enjoying their sweet family time together! Will there be any photos of him with the other Super Junior¬†members uploaded on Instagram as he uses the account? …

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Siwon to enlist after his drama ends!

The handsome visual of Super Junior, Siwon,¬†will be the next idol that we’re going to say goodbye to as he’ll be enlisting after his drama filming ends! According to reports¬†Siwon¬†has¬†passed his final police exam, therefore he’ll be enlisting as a conscripted policeman after filming ends for his upcoming drama “She …

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Super Junior’s Yesung releases his latest OST for “Hwajung”!

Although it hasn’t been long since Yesung’s release from the army, however it seems like he’s gonna sing solo again! After releasing releasing an audio preview of Yesung’s new OST track¬†“Dreaming”¬†back in July, the full track is finally out after 2 weeks! ¬†Again the voice depicts his beautiful voice, and …

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