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G-Dragon spotted clubbing hard in Seoul

On 13 December, Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon was spotted partying hard in CakeShop Club in Seoul. He was seen drinking alcohol and smoking at the same time, with cameras pointing at him the whole time. However, he didn’t seem to mind the attention and ignored the cameras while dancing to …

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[Learn with NowKPop] What is Chu-Seok?

Its the time of the year! It’s Chu-Seok! Many of you K-Poppers probably heard or seen idols posting pictures and saying happy Chu-Seok, leaving some of you wondering, WHAT IS CHU-SEOK? Don’t worry if you don’t know, NowKPop will get you covered! Chu-Seok (ž∂ĒžĄĚ) is a 3 day festival celebrated …

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Audition for ‘KPOP Star Season 5’ Now!

Do you dream of becoming one of the stars on stage? Do you want to transform into¬†one of them and shine brighter than ever in front of all your fans? Well, now is your chance to chase after your dream! KPOP Star Season 5 is coming up very soon! SBS …

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Super Junior M releases their first ever travel guide!

Super Junior’s¬†subgroup¬†Super Junior-M’s Korea Travel Guide¬†is finally released. The travel guide itself is practically the reality show (Super Junior M’s Guest House)¬†however in book form. In the travel guide you’ll get a chance to see member’s having fun with each other as well as their interactions with fans. The travel …

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