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Krystal and Kai have broken up

SM Entertainment has officially confirmed¬†that Krystal (from f(x)) and Kai (from EXO)¬†¬† have broken up, after a year and two month of being together. The label came out with a short official statement of ¬†“It is true that they have broken up’. According to the close friend of the pair …

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12 Idols who rock the beanie look!

BTS- Jimin   T-ARA- Hyomin¬†   Big Bang- Taeyang¬†   WINNER- Minho   2NE1- Dara   f(x)- Krystal¬†   BTS- Jungkook¬†   Lee Hyori¬†   SNSD-¬†Tiffany¬†   Miss A- Suzy¬†   EXO- Baekhyun¬†   BTOB- Sungjae  

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The New K-Pop Style: Disco Pants!

There’s currently a new fashion item which K-pop stars are all rushing to try on and use in their live performances: disco pants! Disco pants are high-waisted stretch pants made with nylon and other materials which give a shiny and slimming effect to the legs. The most famous ones are …

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[TRENDING] Fans concern about Krystal’s health and safety!

f(x)’s Krystal¬†was recently spotted and label mate¬†SHINee’s Jonghyun’s¬†solo encore concert! When she was leaving the concert hall, fans noticed that her wrist was wrapped with a bandage! After photos circulated¬†online, it was revealed that¬†Krystal¬†got into a minor car accident recently. Although it was minor, yet her wrist was slightly injured. …

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RISABAE- the new imitating YouTube Star!

Risabae, otherwise known as žĚīžā¨Žįį, is the new up and rising YouTube star who is very well known for having ridiculously accurate imitations of K-Pop idols. With this unique skill, in less than 3 months, this YouTuber has earned more than 110,000 subscribers! Some of her videos are vlogs and …

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K-Pop idols you’d never guessed were the same age!

Many Korean idols are either known for having baby faces, or looking more mature than their age. Here are some idols who, unbelievably, are the same age but don’t look like it! 1986 BoA Kwon,¬†Zhou Mi (Super Junior M),¬†Boram¬†(T-ARA),¬†Sojin¬†(Girls’ Day)     1988 G-Dragon¬†(Big Bang),¬†Gyuri (KARA),¬†Kwanghee¬†(ZE:A),¬†Taecyeon (2PM),¬†UEE¬†(After School),¬†Kyuhyun (Super Junior) …

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f(x)’s long-awaited MV is out!

Finally, f(x)’s new comeback ‘4 Walls’ MV is released! The electronic sync beat is addictive and catchy, with the lyrics talking about how love is like 4 walls of mirror and like a mysterious labyrinth at the same time. This music video also features some very interesting scenes and has …

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Sulli shows support for f(x)’s upcoming comeback!

Although she has officially departed from the group¬†Sulli¬†continues to show support for f(x)’s¬†upcoming forth full length album! Two months ago, SM Entertainment¬†announced¬†Sulli’s¬†departure from¬†f(x)¬†in order to pursue her acting career; yet it seems like the five girls are still bonded together, as she continues to show love and support for her …

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[EXCLUSIVE] 5 Memorable stages of f(x) and Sulli!

1. f(x)’s debut stage 2. Amber’s return after a year of hiatus 3. f(x)’s first ever #1 trophy + encore stage 4. f(x)’s ninth win for Electric Shock¬†+ encore stage 5.¬†Sulli’s last performance with f(x) + Red Light Goodbye Stage + f(x)’s fifth win for Red Light

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