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Lee Hyo Ri on Music Bank!

Lee Hyo Ri is back with her new album ‚ÄėBlack‚Äô. This album contains¬†10 songs. Seoul Black White snake Unknown track Love me ŽĻĄžēľ ŽāīŽ†§ (Rain fall) Mute žėąžĀėŽč§ (Pretty) Ž≥ÄŪēėžßÄ žēäŽäĒ ÍĪī (What doesn‚Äôt change) Žč§žĚīžēĄŽ™¨Žďú (Diamond)   Following is the video of Lee Hyo Ri performing on ‘Music Bank’. …

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A PINK received death- threat again

A Pink received another death- threat¬† from an anti- fan. On June 26, a Cube Entertainment received a call from an anti- fan. He (Anti- fan) is the same person who is continuously sending a death- threat to A Pink. He¬†said that he had planted bombs at KBS center in …

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WJSN ‘HAPPY’ on Music Bank

Cosmic girls (a.k.a WJSN) is presenting their new song on Music Bank. The title of their new song is ‘HAPPY’. This is main title of their¬†first official album ‘HAPPY MOMENT’. The track lists of the album ‘HAPPY MOMENT’ are the following: Happy Íłįž†Ā ÍįôžĚÄ žēĄžĚī (Miracle) Mr. Bad boy Sugar …

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GFriend wins July 29th’s episode of Music Bank!

Music Bank¬†is back with an hour of great show! The nominees for today’s episode were¬†Wonder Girls¬†and¬†GFriend¬†however it was¬†GFriend¬†who grabbed the #1 trophy for the week with their new song NAVILLERA¬†. Congratulations! Other artists of the night were¬†Zhou Mi,¬†FTISLAND, NCT127, Fei, STELLAR, SONAMOO, Eric Nam, gugudan, ROMEO, Melody Day, A.De, Brave …

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KBS2 Music Bank live stream

KBS Music Bank (Start: 6:30 KST) 1. http://tv.itver.cc/kbs2/ 2. http://tv.idol001.com/idoltv-kbs2.html 3. http://cn.itver.cc/kbs2-tv/ 4. http://www.kbs.co.kr/player/player_playlist.php?ch=12 5. http://cn.itver.cc/kbs-world/  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUl4hiEOXSo

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GFriend wins February 5th’s episode of Music Bank!

Music Bank¬†aired its weekly episode featuring your favourite artists! For today’s episode¬†Yoo Seung Woo¬†made his comeback¬†with Whatever,¬†4Minute¬†came back with¬†Hate,¬†and¬†Mose (ft. Lady Jane)¬†returned with¬†Feel! As of the #1 nominees for today’s episode,¬†Ryeowook¬†and¬†GFriend, were the nominees. Yet it was GFriend¬†who grabbed the #1 trophy with Rough¬†for today’s episode! Congratulations! Other performers¬†of the …

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[160205] February 5th’s KBS2 Music Bank live stream + Lineup

Live Stream starts at: 18:30 (KST) 1.¬†http://tv.itver.cc/kbs2/ 2.¬†http://tv.idol001.com/idoltv-kbs2.html 3.¬†http://cn.itver.cc/kbs2-tv/ 4.¬†http://www.kbs.co.kr/player/player_playlist.php?ch=12 5.¬†http://cn.itver.cc/kbs-world/ Line Up: Ryeowook, Yoo Seung Woo [Comeback], Mose (ft. Lady Jane)¬†[Comeback], 4Minute¬†[Comeback], Teen Top, Dal‚ėÖShabet, GFriend, Yezi, IMFACT,¬†Lee Ae Lan, STELLAR, Road Boyz, Nop.K (ft. Hoon Jae), VROMANCE, THE LEGEND, Anda, SUS4

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Teen Top wins January 28th’s Music Bank!

Music Bank¬†is back with an hour of great show from your favorite artists! For today’s episode¬†Ryeowook¬†made his long awaited solo debut¬†with¬†The Little Prince¬†and Like A Star, Yezi¬†debuted with¬†Cider, IMFACT¬†eats a¬†Lollipop¬†for their debut, GFriend¬†returned with¬†Rough¬†and¬†Truth,¬†and¬†Shin Hye Sung made his goodbye stage with Roco Drama! The nominees for today’s episode were Teen …

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