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First member of Nine Muses’ sub-unit confirms to be… Kyungri!

With the announcement of the debut of¬†Nine Muses’¬†first sub-unit earlier on today,¬†Star Empire Entertainment reveals the first member of the sub-unit. And it is….. Kyungri! Meanwhile the rest of the members and the concept of the sub-unit will be unveiled later make sure you stay tuned! Source: 1

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Nine Muses’ sub-unit to make its debut in August!

After experiencing from a line-up change earlier on this year,¬†Nine Muses¬†is set to make a comeback with their first ever sub-unit! According to¬†Star Empire Entertainment Nine Muses¬†first ever sub-unit will consist of four members and that they will be making their debut in August. In the meantime the concept is …

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[HOT] Kyungri & Hyemi confirms Nine Muses’ comeback for May!

Earlier today,¬†Hyemin¬†and¬†Kyungri¬†participated in Choi Hwa Jung PowerTime’s radio recording, and revealed their comeback plans! The girls revealed that¬†Nine Muses¬†is currently recording new songs for their upcoming album, they are currently aiming to make a comeback in May. Will they remain with their unique sexy concept, or will they undergo a …

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Top 10 Visuals of Girl-groups chosen by females

Many females users on the Korean social network site Enter-Talk recently participated in a survey asking them to vote for the top 10 visuals in female idol groups. These were the results from the survey: 1st– Miss A -> Suzy (Translation:¬†Of course Suzy) 2nd– f(x) -> Krystal (Translation: To be …

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[HOT] Star Empire Entertainment confirms Nine Muses comeback!

Recently there are many rumors surrounding¬†Nine Muses’¬†comeback in 2016, and today¬†Nine Muses’¬†entertainment agency¬†Star Empire Entertainment¬†has finally released an official statement about it. The representative stated, “It is true that¬†Nine Muses¬†is currently preparing for their comeback album, they are aiming to release it within the first half of the year, however …

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[TRENDING] Nine Muses to comeback!?

The next girl group to reveal their¬†comeback plans is¬†Nine Muses! According to media outlets¬†Nine Muses’¬†first priority for 2016 is their first concert, which will be held on February 19th, 2015. After their first concert is held, the girls will be focusing on their next album which is aimed for the …

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