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OH MY GIRL hits 2 million views for Cupid!

Congratulations to OH MY GIRL, as they finally hit 2 million views for their debut music video¬†Cupid! To end the spring,¬†OH MY GIRL¬†shot their debut earlier this year with their debut title track¬†Cupid!¬†Cupid¬†is showcases the girls’ innocence and cute charms, expressing the shot that they received from a¬†Cupid! Congratulations to¬†OH …

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Oh My Girl releases second teaser photo for Closer featuring YooA!

  Oh My Girl¬†is back again with another teaser photo featuring member¬†YooA!¬† This time¬†member¬†YooA¬†is seen holding an oil lamp on a boat in front of the milky way. To highlight the group’s up coming dream like concept she is seen wearing a white dress with white sparkles falling off the …

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Oh My Girl covers Girls’ Generation’s The Boys on their very own reality show “Oh My Girl Cast”!

Rookie group¬†Oh My Girl¬†finally covers another song after a month! This time they performed a dance cover of¬†The Boys,¬†one of the greatest hit of¬†Girls’ Generation!¬†Ditching their cuteness, the eight members of¬†Oh My Girl¬†showed overwhelming sexiness with the strong and powerful dances for¬†The Boys!¬† Without further ado, click the play button …

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Oh My Girl Profile

(From Left to right) Top: Mimi, Jiho, ARin, SeungHee Botto,: JinE, Binnie, YooA, HyoJung   Oh My Girl¬†(Korean:žė§ŽßąžĚīÍĪł) is a South Korean girl group under WM¬†Entertainment. The members include Hyojung, Jine, MiMi,¬†YooA,¬†Seunghee,¬†Jiho,¬†Binnie,¬†ARin.¬†They officially debuted with¬†the release of the single: ‚ÄúCupid‚ÄĚ on¬†April 20 2015; and held their debut stage on SBS …

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