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APRIL covers Rainbow’s Whoo with their cute charms!

APRIL who is best known for their innocent and cute charms is back with a cover video of¬†Rainbow’s Whoo.¬† Although¬†Whoo¬†is a song with a rather sexy vibe, with¬†APRIL’s¬†cute charms the girls put on adorable onesies and¬†changed the sexy, seductive choreography¬†into a unique cute concept which only APRIL¬†has. Without further ado …

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Rainbow Profile

(From Left To Right) {Noeul, Hyunyoung, Jisook,¬†Jaekyung, Woori, Seungah, Yoonhye} RAINBOW (Korean: Ž†ąžĚłŽ≥īžöį) is a South Korean girl¬†group under DSP Media. The members consists of Woori, Seungah, Jaekyung, Noeul, Yoonhye, Jisook, Hyunyoung. They made their debut with their first mini album¬†Gossip Girl¬†on¬†November 12, 2009, and held their debut stage with …

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[HOT] Jisook confirms Rainbow’s comeback for 2016!

Rainbow¬†will be making a comeback in 2016? During January 6th’s episode of¬†Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio, Rainbow’s¬†main vocalist¬†Jisook¬†revealed that the group will be making their awaited comeback this year!¬†Rainbow¬†who made a comeback last year with their dark sexy concept Black Swan¬†is known to be a group that changes their concept …

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[TRENDING] 9 groups that will have their contract expired in 2016!

(Order according to their debut date) 1. KARA (March 29, 2007) 2.¬†2NE1 (May 17, 2009) 3. 4MINUTE¬†(June 18, 2009) 4. T-ara¬†(July 29, 2009) 5.¬†f(x) (September 5, 2009) 6. Secret (October 13, 2009) 7. MBLAQ¬†(October 15, 2009) 8. BEAST¬†(October 16, 2009) 9. Rainbow¬†(November 14, 2009)  

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[POLL] 2000s Kpop Girl Group Debut Track vs Latest Track

Along the years, these girl group¬†went under a massive¬†concept change. No matter what concept they start with, most of them did not end up doing the same ones at the end. Check out your favourite girl group who made their debut in the 2000s and vote for your preferred song. …

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