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Red Velvet (레드벨벳) – “Russian Roulette (러시안 룰렛)” Fanchant (응원법)

러시안 룰렛 응원법   (La-La-La-La-La–) (레.드.벨.벳) 날카로운 Secret 둘러싼 얘긴 베일 속에 점점 더 깊은 H-H-Hush 맘을 겨눠 이제 여긴 온통 어두운 밤 하늘색 그림자조차 길을 잃게 해 (레.드.벨.벳) Oh 넌 항상 Love (Love) is game (game) 쉽게 즐기는 가벼움일 뿐이라고 뭐 이렇게 못된 얘기로 자꾸 피해 가려고만 하니 왜 커지는 Heart B-B-Beat 빨라지는데 너답지 않게 Heart B-B-B-Beat 거려 나를 볼 때 마지막 남은 순간까지 점점 다가오지 Crazy 아찔하게 겨눈 러시안 룰렛 Ah-Ah-Ah-Yeah  (La-La-La-La-La– Heart b-b-b-beat) 넌 이미 마지막 남은 순간까지 내게 맡기게 될 거야 넌 달콤한 너의 러시안 룰렛 반짝인 Secret 더 이상 외면하진 못 해 버튼은 내가 P-P-Push 받아들여 이제 네 맘 온통 내 모습 채워지게 꿈 꿀 때조차 나를 찾게 돼 (레.드.벨.벳) Oh 아직 넌 Love (Love) is game (game) 내게 말해도 흔들려 네 목소리도 장난스레 스친 눈빛 너머로 어쩔 줄 모르는 네 모습 커지는 Heart B-B-Beat 빨라지는데 너답지 않게 Heart B-B-B-Beat 거려 나를 볼 때 마지막 남은 순간까지 점점 다가오지 Crazy 아찔하게 겨눈 러시안 룰렛 Ah-Ah-Ah-Yeah (La-La-La-La-La– Heart b-b-b-beat) 넌 이미 마지막 남은 순간까지 내게 맡기게 될 거야 넌 달콤한 너의 러시안 룰렛 이토록 깊은 꿈이 넌 처음일 걸 내 맘이 이 밤이 아른거리는 Game You can’t control (레.드.벨.벳. 러.시안.룰.렛) 커지는 Heart B-B-Beat 빨라지는데 터질듯한 Heart B-B-B-Beat Key는 내가 쥘게 마지막 남은 순간까지 점점 다가오지 Crazy 아찔하게 겨눈 러시안 룰렛 Ah-Ah-Ah-Yeah (La-La-La-La-La– Heart b-b-b-beat) 넌 이미 마침내 빼낼 수도 없게 박혀 네 심장 더 깊은 곳 달콤한 너의 러시안 룰렛 (배주현. 강슬기. 손승완. 박수영. 김예림. 레드벨벳. 러시안. 룰렛) 커지는 Heart B-B-Beat 빨라지는데 …

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Happy Chilseok everybody! Since it is Chilseok let’s look at a song that expresses the cute feelings of Gyeonwoo and Jiknyeo, the couple that meets every year during Chilseok. Red Velvet – 7월7일 (One Of These Nights) Korean Lyrics by 서지음(Jam Factory) Composed by Hwang Chan Hee / Andreas Oberg / Maria Marcus Arranged by …

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Irene’s skin is getting worse and worse?

Red Velvet‘s popularity and number of fans is rising at a quick pace, and the members’ workload are piling up as well. Fans say that Irene‘s skin is getting worse and in a very bad condition due to too much work and a lack of sleep. Here is a direct …

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SM Entertainment & Cube Entertainment’s new couple unit group “Ppyu (Sungjae & Joy)” releases their love single!

After waiting for episodes after episodes of We Got Married, the Sungjoy couple has finally released their first duet Young Love under the name “Ppyu”.  Their new love song “Young Love”, is a spring ballad track composed by BTOB member Hyunsik and written by “Ppyu” themselves. The cute love ballad which tells the story of the two young couple. The cute song aims …

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Ppyu couple (Sungjae & Joy) to release their love single “Young Love”!

The adorable Sungjoy couple will finally be releasing a duet after being on the show for ten months. Their new love song will be titled, “Young Love”, the song is composed by BTOB member Hyunsik and written by Ppyu couple themselves. The cute love song aims to spread Ppyu couple’s sincere love towards each other to every Sungjoy shippers’ ears. Meanwhile the song …

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[CUTE] Sungjae and Joy caught with their couple acts!

The Sungjoy couple have been receiving a lot of love recently not only on We Got Married but with their respective comeback tracks Remember That and 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights) as well. During their respective encore stages, the cute couple were caught engaging in their unique yet cute couple acts, let’s check …

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Happy Birthday to Red Velvet’s Irene!

Happy Birthday to Red Velvet’s Irene!  As the clock strikes midnight in Korea, Red Velvet’s leader Irene will be celebrating her 26th birthday (Korean Birthday)! Irene have been bringing us a lot of smiles with her cheesy hosting of Music Bank Park Bo Gum, as well as her talented rapping in her group. We …

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Red Velvet wins March 27th’s episode of Inkigayo!

Inkigayo is back with an hour of great show! For today’s episode Eric Nam says Good For You, Hong Jin Young held her Thumb Up, and GOT7 Fly their comeback stage. The #1 nominees for today’s episode were LEE HI, MAMAMOO and Red Velvet, however it was Red Velvet who took the honorable  #1 place with 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights) ! Congratulations! …

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