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Red? Velvet? or Red Velvet?

Red Velvet has released music in a variety of different styles and concepts covering different genres. Which concept do you like the best? Red? Velvet? or Red Velvet? Cast your votes below (Poll takes few seconds to load)!  

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The many hair colours of BTS!

BTS is known for their hairstyle looks and colours, for example, red, purple, orange, and many more! Let’s take a moment to explore the many hair colours members of BTS have tried out before! Black- J-Hope Black- Jimin Black- Jin Black- Jungkook Black- Rap Monster Black- Suga Black- V Blonde- …

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HyunA’s Red hits 40 Million Views!

After surpassing the 100 million view mark for her hit track Bubble Pop, HyunA has again breaks another 10 million for Red!  Red marks HyunA’s first solo 19+ rated music video. In the music video, the star showed the most seductive and sexy side of her, while singing along to her hit track. Not …

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Apink “Remember” Fanchant

Remember 응원법 Do you remember? 우릴 비추던 태양 넓고 푸른 바다 마치 어제처럼 시간이 멈춰버린 기억 그 속에 (박초롱 하나둘 윤보미 둘.셋. 정은지 셋.넷. 에.이.핑.크. 손나은 하나둘 김남주 둘.셋. 오하영 셋.넷. 정.규.2.집) 하얀 (하!) 모래 위를 함께 걷던 날 기억하나요 잠깐 밀려오는 파도 속에서도 떨어지지 않았던 yeah (하나 둘 셋) …

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Apink releases MV teaser for their comeback!

3 days prior to the girls’ comeback, Apink has finally revealed their 2nd music video teaser, for their comeback title track “Remember”. The teaser again shows the bright and innocent side of the girls’, contrasting the “Red” teaser images that they gave us!  Without further ado check out the mv teaser above!

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Apink releases video teaser for their comeback!

7 days prior to the girls’ comeback, Apink has finally revealed their music video teaser, for their comeback title track “Remember”. Again the teaser shows the bright and innocent side of the girls’; although the teaser images from before did give us a thought that they’ll have a concept change, however from the video …

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Apink releases group teasers for “Red”

Apink releases another batch of teasers for “Red”, this time as a group! A Pink continues to show the strong and sexy charms through the group teasers for “Red” contrasting their innocent and elegant charms for “White” Check out the teasers below!

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f(Victoria) to miss out up coming’s SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo

SM Entertainment has just announced that there will be a minor change to the performers on upcoming’s SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO! It was announced that f(x)’s leader “Victoria” will not be attending SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO which scheduled to be held on July 5th and 6th; mainly because of her health conditions. Meanwhile whether …

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