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BTS’s “Rap Monster” changes his stage name to “RM”

  BTS (방탄소년단)’s leader “Rap Monster (랩몬스터)” changes his stage name to “RM”. On November 13, Rap Monster announced that he is changing his stage name from “Rap Monster”, which he have used for about 5 years since 2012, to “RM” on the BTS’s official fan cafe.   Below is …

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Girls’ Generation surpasses the 20 million views for Party!

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation, who has surpassed 20 million views for their latest music video: Party in 17 day! Since the release, the views for Party has rose rapidly! Meanwhile the girls’ are actively promoting on various music shows, and will release their 5th album ver soon!

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Girls’ Generation manages an all kill for last weeks music shows!

Girls’ Generation grabbed six trophies last week from music shows, meaning that they’ve achieved an all kill! Girls’ Generation has recently came back with their newest single album “Party” their title track of the same name has been charting really high on both album charts and digital charts. Last week, when their title track …

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Girls’ Generation gathers over 10 million views for “Party”!

After releasing the music video for 5 days Girls’ Generation has gathered over 10 million views for “Party”! It is an amazing result for a music video that has only been out for 5 days! Meanwhile the girls’ are actively promoting their newest title track “Party” on various different music shows, their title track also managed …

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Girls’ Generation “Party” Fanchant

Party 응원법 Hey girls [지금은 소녀시대] Do you know what time it is [앞으로도 소녀시대] It must be party time [영원히 소녀시대] Here we go 여긴 Summer 지금 Radio를 켜 흘러나오는 Favorite song (Hey, turn it up) 뜨거운 리듬 이끄는 대로 Drive 눈이 부신 여름 속으로 Oh Oh 창을 넘어 온 …

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Girls’ Generation “Check” Fanchant

Check 응원법 Count it down 4 3 2 Check (Hey yeah-)[소.녀.시.대.] (Hey yeah-) 가까워지는 우리 Heart to Heart 꿈틀거리는 내 본능은 Start 피어나 간지럽게 들킬까 아슬하게 Take a chance 너 몰래 (사로잡을래) 준비됐어 Lipstick, Check High Heels, Check Hair Style, Check (Check, Check, Check) 미소도, Check 향기도, Check 달콤히 (Check, Check, …

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Girls’ Generation “Catch Me If You Can” Fanchant

Catch Me If You Can 응원법 지금은 소녀시대 앞으로도 소녀시대 영원히 소녀시대 사.랑.해.요 (Did it) 서툰 말보단 (Did it) 네 행동만이 (Did it)나는 믿겨져 (Did it) 지식보다도 (Did it) 의식들만이 (Did it) 나를 움직여 첫 눈에 반한 듯이 나를 빤히 보는 널 난 쉽게 받아 줄 수 없지 (반아줘요) 일분일초 쉬지 …

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