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CLC releases the full version of High Heels with Eunbin!

CLC has been teasing with photos of them ¬†holding up ‘D-3’, ‘D-2’ and ‘D-1’ countdown signs on their SNS pages. The teasers left fans speculating whether if it was the return of Eunbin or the release of their fan club name. Turns out the countdown was for their release of …

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[BREAKING] Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara will officially leave KARA after their contract ends on February 2!

Earlier today, music insiders has revealed that the¬†KARA¬†members will no longer renew their contracts with¬†DSP Entertainment,¬†and will officially depart from the company as soon as their contracts end on February 2, 2016. According to media outlets, member¬†Hara¬†have been contacting¬†Keyeast, SM C&C¬†as well as¬†JYP Entertainment¬†for her new contract. These entertainment agencies …

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[BREAKING] Hara and Seungyeon announces departure from KARA!?

As all of you might know, KARA’s Gyuri, Seungyeon¬†and¬†Hara’s¬†contract with¬†DSP Media¬†will be officially expiring by the end of the month, and now it is revealed that¬†Seungyeon¬†and¬†Hara¬†will both be departing¬†from the group! According to OSEN, members¬†Seungyeon¬†and¬†Hara¬†has officially announced their departure from the group, while leader Gyuri¬†is still searching for entertainment companies. …

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20 Korean idols who love fashionable chokers

A choker is a close-fitting necklace and it met its peak during the 1990s, but now, its very hit item once again! This fashionable item makes the entire look look more chic yet in a careless manner. Almost all Korean idols wear chokers, but¬†we’ll only name a few here. Gong …

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CLC surpasses 4.1 million views for Pepe!

Congratulations to CLC, for surpassing 4.1 million views for their debut music video Pepe!¬†Although 4.1 million views might not be a lot, however it means a lot¬†for a rookie group like¬†CLC! Meanwhile CLC¬†has wrapped up their promotions for Like, and we’ll have to see what’s next for them! Stay tuned …

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CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon to leave We Got Married!

CN BLUE’s¬†Jonghyun and actress¬†Gong Seung Yeon¬†are reported to be leaving¬†MBC’s¬†reality show¬†We Got Married! According to the production team of¬†We Got Married,¬†Jonghyun¬†and¬†Seungyeon¬†will be leaving the show for sure, however the exact date of them leaving the show hasn’t been confirmed, the last episode of them hasn’t been filmed yet therefore please …

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Get Their Style: CLC!

Click on the description of the clothing to go the link! SEUNGHEE One piece: KRW ‚ā© 48,800 Pleated Hem T-Shirt Dress (Sold Out)   YEEUN Top: KRW ‚ā© 8,500 Stylenanda SUPER Print Tank Top Skirt: KRW ‚ā© 30,600 Stylenanda Color Block Flared Hem Skirt   SEUNGYEON One piece: KRW ‚ā© …

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KARA Profile

(From Left¬†To Right) Top {Gyuri (Former), Seungyeon(Former)} (From Left¬†To Right)¬†Bottom {Youngji, Hara(Former)} KARA¬†(Korean:¬†žĻīŽĚľ) is a four member girl group under DSP Media. The members consist of Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Youngji.¬† They officially debuted with the¬†release¬†of their first full-length album “The First Bloooooming” on July 29 2007; and held their …

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