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GFRIEND is back with ‘Love Whisper’

GFRIEND returns with ‘Love Whisper’! Many BUDDYs couldn’t wait for this summer comeback especially with maknae,Umji, gathering a lot of attention for her upgraded visuals ! This time they are also going to be doing a part of their choreography in water ! Be sure to check out and support …

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Happy Birthday to GFriend’s Sowon!

It is December 7th in South Korea, which means its… Sowon’s¬†birthday!!! Sowon¬†definitely has lots to celebrate this year, first with¬†GFriend’s¬†successful debut with their first mini-album¬†Season Of Glass,¬†next with the commercial success¬†of their second mini-album¬†Flower Bud,¬†having their title track¬†Me Gustas Tu¬†charting really high on various music charts in Korea! Meanwhile the …

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Me Gustas Tu becomes GFriend’s best selling single!

Congratulations to GFreind as their recent promotional single Me Gustas Tu has finally surpassed 524,460 digital sales in 2 months, becoming their best selling single on digital portals. Their physical sales has also surpassed 10,199+ copies, becoming their best selling physical album. Congratulations once again to GFriend for the great achievement.

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GFriend’s surpasses 2 million views for Me Gustas Tu!

Congratulations to GFriend, for surpassing 2 million views for their first ever comeback music video¬†Me Gustas Tu! The song itself has also surpassed 213,669 sales on digital portals in 3 weeks time being one of the best selling single from a rookie group, especially from a small agency!¬†Congratulations! Meanwhile the …

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GFriend surpasses 6 million views for Glass Bead!

Congratulations to GFriend,¬†being the first rookie group of the year to surpass an amazing number of 6 million views for their debut music video¬†Glass Bead!¬†6 Million views might not be much for a Youtube video however it is a great accomplishment for a rookie group especially from a small agency! …

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Are you ready to learn “Me Gustas Tu”?

The innocent¬†Girl Friends¬†“Gfriend”¬†has just released the Choreography¬†version of their latest title track “Me Gustas Tu”, showing their adorable and innocent charms while dancing to their life grabbing dance moves! Now get up and show your love with¬†“Me Gustas Tu”!

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GFriend surpasses 1 million views for Me Gustas Tu!

Congratulations to GFriend, who has surpassed¬†1 million views for their first ever comeback¬†music video: Me Gustas Tu¬†after a week! Although a million views might not be many compare to other KPOP¬†idols, however it is a great accomplishment especially for a rookie group that’s from a small company Meanwhile the girls …

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