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Heechul and Wheein collaborates for Narcissus!

SM Entertainment¬†has finally constructed their next station featuring¬†Super Junior’s¬†World Big Star,¬†Kim Heechul¬†and¬†MAMAMOO’s¬†Wheein.¬† Narcissus¬†is a ballad track composed by TRAX’s¬†Jungmo¬†and¬†written by¬†Heechul¬†himself. The beautiful music video¬†uses third person to describe how a boyfriend views his girlfriend, stimulating the emotional side of music listeners. Without further ado check out¬†Heechul’s¬†lovely duet with¬†Wheein “Narcissus”¬†right now

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Super Junior’s Yesung’s parents favour his dogs over him?

Does Yesung’s¬†parents like¬†Yesung’s¬†dogs more than they like him? During a recent radio broadcast of¬†Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio,¬†member¬†Ryeowook¬†reveals the secret to¬†Yesung’s¬†parents love for dogs. He said “Yesung’s parents did not favour dogs that much, however since¬†Yesung¬†is taking care of a few dogs right now his parents started to like them. …

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[BREAKING] Super Junior’s Ryeowook announces his departure from Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Sukira)!

As¬†Ryeowook’s¬†enlistment date gets closer and closer, he has decided to step off from the DJ position of¬†Super Junior Kiss The Radio¬†in order to get himself prepared for the army. During¬†April 8th’s¬†episode of¬†Super Junior Kiss The Radio,¬†Ryeowook¬†revealed that he will be stepping off from the DJ position of¬†¬†Super Junior Kiss The …

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Donghae celebrates Super Junior-M’s 8th anniversary with an Instagram update!

As it is¬†Super Junior-M’s 8th anniversary,¬†member¬†Donghae¬†took some time to celebrate the meaningful day. Earlier the day,¬†Donghae¬†updated his display picture on Instagram! The newly uploaded display photo included a short sentence, it states, “Super Junior-M,¬†congratulations for eighth anniversary! We will meet again sometime~ Let’s definitely meet again!” We NowKpop sincerely congratulate¬†Super …

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Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Siwon!

Happy Birthday to¬†Super Junior’s Siwon!¬† As the clock strikes midnight in Korea,¬†Super Junior’s¬†drama king¬†Siwon¬†will be celebrating his 30th (International Age) birthday!¬†Siwon¬†definitely has a lot to celebrate this year with his successful Most-Style drama She Was Pretty,¬†as well as the happy times he gets to send with his members and his …

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Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Dancing Machine Eunhyuk!

Happy Birthday to¬†Super Junior’s¬†Dancing Machine¬†Eunhyuk!¬† As the clock strikes midnight in Korea,¬†Super Junior’s¬†Mr. Anchovy¬†Eunhyuk¬†will be celebrating his 30th (International Age) birthday!¬†Eunhyuk¬†definitely has a lot to celebrate this year with the many awards¬†Super Junior¬†achieved as well as the launching of the group’s own label¬†LabelSJ.¬†Eunhyuk¬†is currently serving his mandatory military service and …

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[HOT] SM Entertainment reveals more on Heechul’s self-written duet!

As previously reported, Super Junior’s¬†Heechul¬†will be releasing a duet with a female artist in April. And as April gets closer and closer,¬†SM Entertainment¬†starts to disclose some information on his duet. According to media outlets,¬†Heechul’s¬†will be paring up with¬†MAMAMOO’s¬†Wheein¬†for his upcoming duet. The recording for the track is completed and will …

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[HOT] Kyuhyun releases official music video for CelebrationÔĹ쌟õ„Āęśě∂„ĀĎ„āčś©čÔĹě

The ballad prince of¬†Super Junior, Kyuhyun¬†is back in Japan with his first music video for his debut single album ”¬†CelebrationÔĹ쌟õ„Āęśě∂„ĀĎ„āčś©čÔĹě” Kyuhyun’s¬†newest song¬†“CelebrationÔĹ쌟õ„Āę„Āč„ĀĎ„āčś©čÔĹ씬†is a sweet spring track which expresses a guy’s gratitude to a person who he thinks is important. In addition to his Japanese solo debut,¬†Kyuhyun¬†will be embarking on his …

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[BREAKING] Super Junior’s Ryeowook confirms enlistment date!

One of the main vocalists of¬†Super Junior, Ryeowook, will be¬†the next idol that we have to say goodbye to this year as he¬†enlists for his mandatory military service. According to the result list,¬†Ryeowook¬†is accepted to the 35th division and will be enlisting on¬†June 14th, 2016, which is a week before …

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