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[HOT] Ryeowoook to collaborate with his bias Bada for her new album!

Ryeowook will have another music release before his enlistment? Have you ever dreamed to sing with your bias? In Ryeowook‘s case his dreams will come true as he is invited to collaborate with his bias Bada from veteran girl group S.E.S!  Super Junior’s Ryeowook has been a fan of S.E.S’ Bada since he was young, his …

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[HOT] Kyuhyun releases teaser images for his upcoming single album!

The ballad prince of Super Junior, Kyuhyun is receiving a lot of attention as the release of his first Japanese single album is getting closer and closer. After announcing the news of his Japanese debut last week, Kyuhyun has now released his first batch of teaser images for “Celebration~君にかける橋~”. His debut single album “Celebration~君にかける橋~” will consist of three …

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[HOT] Super Junior’s Ryeowook and ZE:A’s Hyungsik enjoys an amusement park date!

Earlier today fans caught Ryeowook and Hyungsik filming their new show Celebrity Bromance at Everland, an amusement park in Korea. In the photos Ryeowook and Hyungsik were spotted buying headbands, drinks and hugging each other, like what all couples normally do at an amusement park. However, this is only one part of Ryeowook and Hyungsik’s episode of Celebrity Bromance, therefore, make sure you stay …

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SM Entertainment introduces Super Junior Jam: Super Jam!

After the opening of SUM, SM Entertainment have been working on various different projects, not only within the entertainment industry but the food industry as well. With the release of Super Junior Ramen last month, SM Entertainment has decided to continue the release of artist food as they decides to release Super Junior jam. The jam is named Very Berry …

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[Ear Candy] Take a peek at Kyuhyun’s newest OST!

http://www.nowkpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ocvei0STLEFHjEgm.mp4 Kyuhyun, who is best known for his sweet ballads will be singing for us once again, as he releases a new OST for the drama One More Happy Ending!  Through his new ballad, Kyuhyun will clearly portray the emotional scenes of the drama, expressing the character’s feelings and emotions to the viewers. Meanwhile take a …

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[HOT] Super Junior’s Kangin gets praised for his talented vocals!

Super Junior’s Kangin, who recently participated in MBC’s Mystery Music Show: King of Mask Singer, have been receiving compliments for his vocals! One of the judges Kim Gura said, “Kangin is from Super Junior, so I knew he would be good at singing, but not to his extent.” Another judge Jo Janghyuk added, “I know Kangin well as a friend, but …

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Ryeowook (려욱) – “The Little Prince” Fanchant (응원법)

어린왕자 응원법   너의 말투 또 너의 표정 알 수 없잖아 (김.려.욱) 세상에서 가장 어려운 일 네 맘을 얻는 일 (김.려.욱) 네가 날 기르고 길들이면 우린 서로 떨어질 수 없을까 둘도 없는 친구가 될 수 있었을까 바람 같은 맘을 내게 머물게 하는 건 어렵다는 걸 나도 알면서 말하지 않고 널 기다려 …

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SM Entertainment introduces Super Junior and EXO ramen!

Throughout the entire month of January, SM Entertainment have been revealing a lot on their music as well as their upcoming plans for the year. However it seems like they will be entering the food industry as they releases Super Junior and EXO ramen. Recently SM Entertainment has set up their first restaurant SMT Seoul, and it has been revealed …

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[HOT] Super Junior’s Ryeowook reveals his healthy sleeping habits!

During yesterday (January 30th)’s episode of Super Junior Kiss The Radio, Ryeowook reveals his healthy sleeping habits. Ryeowook said “It is really cold these days, so when it gets warmer I sleep naked. People said sleeping naked is good for health, but I once caught a cold for sleeping without clothes. Therefore nowadays, …

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