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T-ARA is on SNL Korea

T-ARA¬†is now¬†on Korea variety show ‘SNL 9: Saterdy Night Live Season 9’. T-ARA as a group and as an individual is presenting their acting, songs and dances.   The show is on June 24, ¬†2017, 10:20pm Korean time. This is 9:20pm in Hong Kong time. It is teaser video of …

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T-ARA’s showcase video

T-ARA Eun Jung, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon and Kyu Ri have presented their 13th mini album showcase on Seoul today, June 14th. They’ve also presented their solo songs, ‘Real Love’, ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Lullaby’ and ¬†‘Diamond’. The video for the showcase: http://tv.naver.com/v/1772473  

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T-ARA to make awaited comeback next month!

T-ARA¬†will finally be making their awaited return to the music industry next month with a different concept, a different image! According to media outlets¬†T-ARA¬†will be returning with a lyrical medium tempo title track produced by well-known music producer¬†Duble Sidekick.¬†For their upcoming return, the girls aim to show fans a different …

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[HOT] T-ARA to release their new album on January 26, 2016!

Yes it is¬†T-ARA,¬†who will be making their comeback at the end of the month!¬† T-ARA,¬†who crashed a comeback last summer with their hot track¬†So Crazy¬†will be back after five months! The group has recently released their web-drama¬†Sweet Temptation,¬†will be making their awaited return with an album of the same name. …

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[TRENDING] 9 groups that will have their contract expired in 2016!

(Order according to their debut date) 1. KARA (March 29, 2007) 2.¬†2NE1 (May 17, 2009) 3. 4MINUTE¬†(June 18, 2009) 4. T-ara¬†(July 29, 2009) 5.¬†f(x) (September 5, 2009) 6. Secret (October 13, 2009) 7. MBLAQ¬†(October 15, 2009) 8. BEAST¬†(October 16, 2009) 9. Rainbow¬†(November 14, 2009)  

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Hyomin’s hints her second solo album?

On 14 December, T-ARA’s Hyomin posted a photo of a recording studio onto her Instagram account with the caption of ‘Feb. solo’. Many of her fans got the message and have already started to support with cheerful comments such as: “Hwating :)) You’re A Good Solo Singer. I’m Always Waiting …

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K-Pop idols you’d never guessed were the same age!

Many Korean idols are either known for having baby faces, or looking more mature than their age. Here are some idols who, unbelievably, are the same age but don’t look like it! 1986 BoA Kwon,¬†Zhou Mi (Super Junior M),¬†Boram¬†(T-ARA),¬†Sojin¬†(Girls’ Day)     1988 G-Dragon¬†(Big Bang),¬†Gyuri (KARA),¬†Kwanghee¬†(ZE:A),¬†Taecyeon (2PM),¬†UEE¬†(After School),¬†Kyuhyun (Super Junior) …

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[POLL] 2000s Kpop Girl Group Debut Track vs Latest Track

Along the years, these girl group¬†went under a massive¬†concept change. No matter what concept they start with, most of them did not end up doing the same ones at the end. Check out your favourite girl group who made their debut in the 2000s and vote for your preferred song. …

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