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Golden Child Profile

(from left to right, top to bottom: Jang Joon, Joo Chan, Daeyeol, Bo Min, Jae Seok, Ji Bum, TAG, Seung Min, Y, Jae Hyun, Dong Hyun) Golden Child (골든 차일드) is a Korean idol group with 11 members. Golden Child means ‘one perfect child in a century’. They are from …

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Nine Muses “Hurt Locker” Fanchant

다쳐(Hurt Locker) 응원법 나! 인! 뮤지스! 잊을만하면 꼭 새벽에 전화를 해 정말 뻔뻔해 헤어지자고 한 건 너인데 (Yeah What’s going on) 어이없어 기가 막혀 전화하지도 말라며 지금 뭐 하자는 건지 너 어쩌라는 건지 Ha Ha Ha 정말 어이가 없어 난 꼭 행복하라며 지금 뭐 하자는 거니 너 어쩌라는 거니 Stop …

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Nine Muses gets “Hurt” again for ‘#hashtag’ interview!

Nine Muses opened up to “Mine” about their domestic return during their “hashtag” interview with 1THEK!  The girls’ chose #hurt as their 1st hashtag and explained why are they being dumped for many of their songs! They also chose different hashtags such as #172_47 and #Locker_Dance, and explained the meaning behind these hashtags! Last but …

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HISUHYUN wins First Place at SBS’ Inkigayo

HISUHYUN wins first place at SBS’ Inkigayo at November 23rd. The new unit has taken the K-Pop industry by storm, not only winning first at Inkigayo, but also sweeping No. 1 on multiple music charts. Bobby @iKon has also got a chance to show the world what his potential even …

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HISUHYUN ‘I’m Different (나는 달라)’ 111614 SBS Inkigayo

HISUHYUN performs their new song ‘I’m Different (나는 달라)’ On SBS Inkigayo showing a fresh set of dance moves in the performance. However Bobby from iKon didn’t show up to the performance, but the over all performance is really nice and definitely lives up name of the No.1 song on multiple …

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A Pink 5th Mini Album (Pink Luv) Rolling Music Teaser

Pink Pandas!!!!Get ready for the song list and preview of the songs in the 5th Mini Album of A Pink, Pink Luv ! This video teaser was released during November 13 and the video includes the names of the songs and a little snippets of the songs along with photos …

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BTS Condom Scare

Recently Jin from BTS has posted a photo of him innocently eating some food in the BTS dorm , however fans found a box of condoms photobombing the shot. No, that isn’t a typo. There was literally a box of Condoms in the BTS dorm, and it ain’t just any …

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A Pink Comeback 2014 Winter (Music Bank)

    The Music Bank comeback teaser showing A Pink’s individual shots with a winter feel. The end teaser also shows a group shot of A Pink wearing black dresses. Like I guess from the beginning, Naeun was the wearing black all along, she is really obsessed with this color !!! …

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