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[HOT] Yesung’s first solo concert tickets sells out within 1 minute!

  Yesung¬†who recently wrapped up his solo debut promotions with his first mini album¬†Here I Am,¬†has recently made some great achievements. High demand of the artist was once again proven as around 4620 solo concert tickets were sold out within a minute.¬†Yesung’s¬†solo concert tickets went on sale yesterday at 20:00 …

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[HOT] Yesung’s “Here I Am” dominates international music charts!

Yesung¬†who recently dropped his first solo mini album¬†Here I Am¬†has been receiving hot responses from fans, topping many music charts around the world. After releasing his first solo mini album on 18th of April,¬†“Here I Am”¬†ranked first on the iTunes Combined Charts in¬†Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia,¬†Peru.¬†2nd in¬†Japan, Macau, Singapore.¬†3rd in …

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[HOT DEBUT] Yesung has finally arrived with “Here I Am”

After a long wait,¬†Super Junior’s¬†Yesung¬†has finally arrived as a solo artist with his first solo mini-album¬†Here I Am! Yesung’s¬†first solo title track¬†Here I Am¬†is written and composed by him as well as¬†BrotherSu.¬†The track tells the story of a man which misses whom he dated before. He wanders around her house …

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Super Junior’s Yesung’s parents favour his dogs over him?

Does Yesung’s¬†parents like¬†Yesung’s¬†dogs more than they like him? During a recent radio broadcast of¬†Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio,¬†member¬†Ryeowook¬†reveals the secret to¬†Yesung’s¬†parents love for dogs. He said “Yesung’s parents did not favour dogs that much, however since¬†Yesung¬†is taking care of a few dogs right now his parents started to like them. …

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[HOT] SM Entertainment announces 2016 comeback plans for their solo artists!

As¬†2016 gets closer and closer, more and more entertainment company reveals their new year plans. Being one of the big three entertainment companies in Korea,¬†SM Entertainment¬†has revealed the 2016 comeback plans for their solo artists! First in the list we have¬†Kyuhyun¬†and¬†Taeyeon¬†the two ballad prince and princess of¬†SM Entertainment.¬†They are set …

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[UPDATE] Yesung confirms that he is preparing for his solo debut!

Super Junior’s Yesung¬†confirms that he is preparing for his solo debut! Earlier today,¬†Super Junior¬†attended the Lotte Duty Free¬†Event, delivering many good news yet giving¬†E.L.Fs¬†many surprises. During the event¬†Yesung¬†once again reassure his fans that he is currently preparing his solo album! Due to the filming of¬†The Awl,¬†Yesung’s¬†have been delaying his solo …

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[Album Review] Super Junior ‚Äď ‚ÄėMagic‚Äô

¬† Tracklist: 1. Magic¬†{Title Track} 2. Devil {Title Track} 3. Simply Beautiful (Yesung, Kangin, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) 4.¬†ŽÜą, ŽÜą, ŽÜą [You Got It] (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Eunhyuk. Donghae) 5.¬†ŽŹĄŽ°úžčú [Dorothy]¬†(Super Junior K.R.Y) 6. Sarang‚ô• (Leeteuk Heechul) 7. Ž≥ĄžĚī Žú¨Žč§ [Star Appear‚Ķ] 8. Good love 9. We Can (Super Junior K.R.Y) …

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Super Junior’s Yesung recovering after throat surgery!

Super Junior’s¬†Yesung¬†has been revealed to be recovering after a throat surgery! During¬†Super Junior K.R.Y’s¬†sub-unit concert,¬†Yesung¬†revealed that he has received surgery two weeks ago due to vocal nodules, and is currently recovering. Although he had been suffering from vocal nodules for weeks and weeks, he decided to halt his surgery and …

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