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BTS Condom Scare

BTS Condom

Recently Jin from BTS has posted a photo of him innocently eating some food in the BTS dorm , however fans found a box of condoms photobombing the shot. No, that isn’t a typo. There was literally a box of Condoms in the BTS dorm, and it ain’t just any random box of condoms, but a box of King Sized Condoms. Many fans have flipped out about this and their company ,Big Hit Entertainment, has released a statement claiming that the box of ‘condoms’ was a present from fans. That seems like a really plausible reason why there is a random box of condoms lying around the dorm. However, even if that is not the case, it just indicates that the boys do follow the rules of safety. Like KrisE from Dramafever says, ‘not everyone is K-poppin’ along with nun status like Go Mi Nam’. Fans don’t flip out yet, they are probably too busy working to have anytime to use the ‘present’, so hang in there. What do you think about the Condom scare? Is it really just a present from fans, or something else? Please leave comments below about what you think !


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