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IU releases preview for her new song, Knee (무릎)


IU (아이유) released a small preview of her new song Knee (무릎) in a voice reply on DC Inside on November 29th. IU sings the song with her iconic sweet and fairy-life voice instead of showing off her powerful vocals. Her iconic sweet voice has earned her the title of the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ a couple of years back. Even though the preview was was not officially confirmed by her label LOEN Entertainment (1theK), IU fans from around the globe are spreading this song out really quickly. She also included a beautiful selca of her along with the recording of the song.

The song itself has rather depressing lyrics as it is about falling on somebody’s knee in the past and not wanting to wake up from her peaceful slumber. The song itself suits IU really well with its lullaby like lyrics and gentle melody accompanied with an acoustic guitar. The song is also composed by IU herself, making fans even more excited.

IU is doing really well this year, winning ‘Best Artist of the Year’ at Melon Music Awards 2014 and is going to perform in the Mnet Asia Music Awards 2014 (MAMA) in Hong Kong at December 3rd, hopefully winning an award during the ceremony. Her EP, A Flower Bookmark, has done extremely well in the charts not just in Korea, but in Taiwan as well. Her collaboration with rookie male group, High 4, Not Spring ,Love or Cherry Blossoms has topped over 10 million views on YouTube since its initial release on April 7th 2014.  We wish IU the best and hope that she is able to grab an award during the HK MAMA 2014 ceremony to acknowledge her hard work throughout the year.

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Here is the preview of IU’s new song Knee (무릎) :

High 4, IU ‘Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms’:

(Source: YouTube, KoreaBoo)


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