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IU and Kang So Ra Criticised for wearing cheap clothing


During the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), Kang So Ra was criticised heavily for wearing a ‘cheap’ dress from H&M, costing around 39,000 Won (approximately 35 USD). Then later on netizens have noticed that IU has worn an even ‘cheaper’ dress to the 2014 Melon Music Awards (MMA), costing around 35,000 Won (approximately 31 USD). The question arises, should IU, Kang So Ra or anyone be judged on just solely by what they wear ?

Some say that it is disrespectful to attend such important ceremonies with clothing with a ‘cheap’ price tag. However, many believe that IU and Kang So Ra did not show any sign of disrespect towards anyone because the clothes they wore did fit the purpose and they looked great wearing them.

A lot of people didn’t even notice that IU’s elegant flower prink dress that she worn in November 13 during the MMA Red Carpet had such a 25 USD price point before people started criticising Kang So Ra. She even customised the dress form a high-low cutting to fit her own figure.

IU's customised dress and the original H&M dress

IU and Kang So Ra wore affordable dresses. So what? IU is one of the most famous Korean singers as of now, making a lot of money every year, but she decides to wear affordable clothing because the style suits her, ignoring price tags. Kang So Ra, known for ignoring price tags and just focuses on what suits her best. Lets be honest, IU and Kang So Ra are the perfect example that you don’t need to spend an awful lot to look fashionable. Their humble acts should be appreciated not criticised. I am not even mad if this becomes the next fashion trend, because this can help educate people that fashion does not have to be expensive.

What are your views towards this? Please leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below !



(Source: Soompi , Dramafever)

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