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A Pink wraps up their first overseas concert ‘Pink Paradise’ in Singapore


A Pink completes their first overseas concert ‘Pink Paradise’ in Max Pavillion, Singapore Expo, with 3,000 seats. This is again a significant milestone in A Pink’s career as it is their first overseas concert and the group’s second full length concert (two shows in Seoul count as one). They have also received many support from their fans, Pink Pandas, as they arrived at the airport. Fans were seen with gifts and banners as they arrived at Singapore earlier on, proving how A Pink is getting more notice worldwide. Really looking forward to their next solo concert and hope that they will release a concert DVD for ‘Pink Paradise’ for fans who missed it to watch their great performance. A Pink has worked really hard for the concert therefore we should give a round of applause to the girls and people who supported them. A Pink will be performing in ‘The Water Story Concert’ along with Beast on April 11 at 7:30pm (Korean Time). Fans who can’t attend it can also watch the broadcast on April 14th on MBC. We wish A Pink our best wishes and hope that they will continue bringing joy to fans around the globe. Be sure to check out Park Cho Rong (Fanbase) and A Pink News for fan coverage of the concert in Singapore and other A Pink updates.



Water Story Concert Poster

A Pink departing to Singapore for Pink Paradise:




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Source: Park Cho Rong (Fanbase) , A Pink News

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