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Minah’s ‘I Am A Woman Too’ Album Review

I am a woman too

On March 16th 2015, Minah, the main vocal of Girl’s Day, released her own solo album. The album is titled ‘I am a woman too’, which contains 5 tracks, 3 original songs, and 2 instrumental versions of the songs. I have bought the album on iTunes the moment it was released and have been listening to it for a week. Congratulations to Minah successfully debuting as a solo artist and here is a brief little review of Minah’s first solo album.


1.That’s so weird

2. I am a woman too

3. Colorful

4. That’s so weird (Instrumentals)

5. I am a woman too (Instrumentals)


The style of the songs are RnB and they share a concept of different stages of love. Crushing, Heartbreak and a Relationship.

The first track of the album is ‘That’s so weird’. This track features Kanto from Troy. The song starts with Kanto’s casual rapping, then Minah’s clear and cheerful vocals come in forming a sweet and relaxing mood. ‘That’s so weird’ represents the Crushing stage of love where you have a crush and you will do all sorts of weird things such as comforting yourself by looking at their photos, blushing around him/her and jealously of seeing him/her with someone else. The perfect summary of all the strange things one does when he/her has a crush on somebody. The song also described waiting to see your crush as the feeling you get when you ordered clothes online and can’t wait to see it immediately, the exact feeling every K-pop fan has when waiting for their ordered album of their beloved idols to arrive and listen to it 24/7!

The second track of the album, as well as the mainly promoted treasure of this album is ‘ I am a woman too’. This song has a slower feel to it as Minah’s vocals were less discrete, but feels dragged along and they bring a rather sad feel to the song with such an upbeat instrumental. This song is about how a women feels when she loses her loved one, illustrating the Heartbreak stage of a relationship, and what you would typically do and feel in one such as slowed down time, crying your heart out till you run out of tears and losing strength and meaning of life. Similar to the feeling that K-Pop fans get when their favourite idol group is in a hiatus but this time they aint coming back (urrrrgh the feels).

The third track is the happiest track in the whole album, washing out the bitterness from the previous song, and titled appropriately  as ‘Colourful’. This song as the title suggests is the happy moment of a relationship where you are with your loved one, exactly the feel you get when you listen to your favourite K-Pop song or when you are reading NowKPop (who doesn’t love NowKPop?). The song is fast and upbeat, illustrating the situations such as being with your loved one, the sweetness and seeing rainbows everywhere. I can defiantly see myself dancing to it right now if I am not writing to this article.

Here is a GIF of Kwang Soo dancing to compensate the lack of my awesome dance solo

The last two tracks are just the instrumentals of ‘I am a woman’ and ‘That’s so weird’. They might seem to be boring, but you will start to appreciate the amount of producing that has been going on behind the scenes once you listen to them.

This is an album that starts out kinda bland, but once you listen to it a few more times, it will grow in you. The situations described are also pin point accurate to what most people will face in a relationship, hence after adding personal emotions while listening to the carefully ordered album, the experience would be great; starting from the blossoming stage of love, to the bitter end of love and ending with the happiness of love to cover up the bitterness from a sad emotions. If you asked me a week ago, I would rate this album a 5/10, but now defiantly 8/10 and the reason why it is not 10/10 is because I really want more from Minah, it is not enough and gets you starting to appreciate her songs but not enough for the full experience. Hope you all will purchase and enjoy her album! It’s a lot of hard work making an album, so make sure to purchase it! Please comment on your thoughts and feelings below and rate the album 🙂

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