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First look at CLC’s ‘PePe’ M/V !


CLC, the new girl group from Cube Entertainment.  They released their debut M/V on March 18th 2015, and if I wasn’t up to date on my K-Pop facts, I would have mistaken them for a girl group that has been around for at least a year, showing how professional they are already. After looking at their M/V I can say that they are similar to 4Minute (their seniors) , however less hardcore, and also brings a bit of aegyo, resembling a bit A Pink (seniors from A Cube). Hence my final verdict is that they are a mix of both with a bit more 4Minute in them. The M/V itself is also really upbeat and cheerful !!! I’m already seeing many reasons why I should be a CLC fanboy and nearly no reasons why I shouldn’t be. Please leave your comments down below and see you next time !

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