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YG confirms Jinusean comeback too?



Despite initial denial, YG Entertainment has confirmed that Jinusean to have a comeback in April making them their 1st artist of the year, the duo who have been in hiatus for 11 years are finally returning in April with a brand new song. BIGBANG fans are curious about all the teaser photos that were recently released and they assumed that it was BIGBANG who were having a comeback and not Jinusean, however another teaser reveals that BIGBANG will be returning on May 1st following the consecutive dates of every first day of the month till September 1st. YG says that ‘Initially BIGBANG was going to have a comeback first. Moreover, Jinusean and BIGBANG were planning to return at the same time, but Jinusean values their hoobaes and decided to release earlier to avoid clashing with them’

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