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Henry kisses Yewon in ‘We Got Married’

Henry kisses his partner Yewon in virtual dating show ‘We Got Married’! Henry starts off singing to Yewon, ‘you are my everything’ (cute), then while they were about to cut the wedding cake, Henry tells Yewon to close her eyes, as the knife is lowered to cut the cake, Henry bends down and kisses Yewon right in the lips! Yewon was really surprised by Henry’s kiss, however later in her personal interview, she said that the moment was really special and was a bit too short (AWWWW).  Henry said in his interview that he had no regret kissing Yewon (MORE AWWWWWW) . The hosts, were obviously shocked by Henry’s bold act, and it  left the hosts all shellshocked in awe and Eric Nam screaming ‘ HENRY LAU WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!’. And Henry’s reaction after the kiss was priceless (picture below).

Henry's Priceless Reaction
‘No Regrets!’


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