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Block B sub-unit + announces first member

On April 6th, 12:00 AM KST, Block B’s official Twitter account tweets, “Birth of Block B’s sub-unit! The team name will be “BASTARZ”. The first member of the unit will be maknae P.O. #BASTARZ #P.O #BlockB #품행제로”

The third teaser video uploaded on the 5th, via Seven Seasons’ YouTube channel does hint at the sub-unit’s name, with one of the members, possibly Zico (?), whispering “BASTARZ” at the end of the video. People commenting on the third teaser video have discussed on what word was being said, with suggestions such as “BASTARDS”, “ALLSTARS”, “BUSTERS”, “BORN STARS”, etc.

No other announcements have been made yet.



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