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Eunhyuk gets wild with Donghae on his Birthday!

The famous duo of Super Junior: Super Junior D&E continued their second Japan Tour: SUPER JUNIOR D&E THE 2nd JAPAN TOUR 2015 – Present – in Saitama on Eunhyuk’s birthday!

During the concert Donghae and Eunhyuk danced and sang to their hit singles such as Oppa Oppa, I Wanna Dance and Skeleton as well as showing their gratitudes towards their mother with “Mother” and showing off bromance between the two with “1+1=LOVE”! Songs from their new releases “Present” and “The Beat Goes On” were also performed by the duo!

The duo gave ELF their present with a total of 24 songs, while ELFs in return celebrated Eunhyuk’s Birthday with Donghae!

Please look forward to their up coming releases, and concert tours!


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