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Fans speculate that miss A’s Suzy is isolated from group

Rumours of Suzy of Miss A has been secluded from the group members has recently sparked up again. Two months ago, the rumour started when Suzy was absent from Jia’s birthday where as everyone else from the group was there. It was said by a netizen that Suzy did not have any schedules on that day which raises suspicions of her being invited to the party in the first place and her disjunct relationship with other members of the group. Some fans even found out that miss A’s Jia and Fei unfollowed Suzy on Instagram recently. miss A is always seen to be a really happy and close group of friends . Let’s hope that these rumors stay as rumors and hopefully not be a representation of the truth. (Images below)

Fei Instagram
Fei’s Instagram


Jia Instagram
Jia’s Instagram


(Image Source: Bastille Post)

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