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Girl’s Generation’s ‘Catch me If You Can’ claimed to be copying Ciara

Girl’s Generations’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’ M/V was claimed to have copied off Ciara’s ‘Work’ M/V from 6 years ago. Yes, there are similarities such as the clothing style consisting a white crop top as well as a similar background.

Just for a reminder, both M/Vs are set in a construction site, and let’s be really honest here, all construction sites have the same old background with huge yellow cranes and trucks, not the mention the sand all around. The song itself is also really different, hence why is this copying, unless you tell me that you have seen a construction site with pink minivans and a a pile of stuff toys instead of yellow trucks and sand then we can at least say that SM Entertainment should go there to film instead to avoid the ‘copying’.

Plus this is not the first time that K-Pop M/Vs have been bashed for using similar sets as other M/Vs such as Sistar’s ‘I Swear’ M/V accused for copying Tiesto’s ‘Red Lights’ because there were scenes of open top cars and removing aprons. I can’t see another way you can get an open top car in a scene without people screaming ‘PLAGIARISM!’ at my face and come on, taking off aprons… what was Bora gonna do, walk out the restaurant with her apron off after work because apparently it would be ‘PLAGIARISM’ to take it off.

Humans are naturally hardwired to finding similarities and giving reason to them, but can’t we just learn to accept that there are coincidences in life?

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