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IU transforms into sexy top singer ,Cindy,for her new drama, ‘Producer’ !


Recently, Korea’s National Baby Sister, IU , transforms into sexy top singer for ‘Producer’. In the photos, she is seen to be wearing see through clothes exposing her beautiful and fit body figure ! Turns out, it was a scene from the drama where she is on Music Bank performing a song!


IU’s character Cindy seems to be described as a ‘180 degree’ , completely different IU in the drama. In contrast to IU’s usual cute and down to earth character, Cindy is a sexy and a diva and IU will definitely shock fans with her new alter ego!


IU said that at first it was hard to cope with the intense sexy  Music Bank performance choreography, as she wanted to bring out Cindy’s sexy character instead of IU’s usual cute character. The use of see-through clothes also helps bring out IU’s charm, and exposing her slender legs ! After much hard work, officials said that her perforce will definitely be able to catch the eyes of the audience to show transformed sexy, fatal side of IU!



Remember to check out IU’s performance in ‘Producer’ that is coming out soon!

(Source: XportsNews)

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