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(From left to right: Hayoung, Woolim, Soyun, Yena)

Playback (Korean: 플레이백) is a four member girl group under Clear Company. The members consist of Yena, Hayoung, Soyun and WoolimThey officially debuted with the release of their first digital single “Playback” on June 25th 2015; and held their debut stage on M! Countdown with their titletrack of the same name on the same day.



Birth Name: Lee Yoo Jin

 Stage Name: Yena

Position: Lead Vocalist

Height: 161

Weight: 45kg

 Birthday: April 4 1992

 Blood Type: O

Nickname: Epitome Of Gracefulness, Yundi


Birth Name: Lee Ha Young

 Stage Name: Hayoung

Position: Main Rapper

Height: 161cm

Weight: 44-45kg

 Birthday: August 3, 1993

 Blood Type: O

Nickname: Aegyo Swag


Birth Name: Seo Yoo Jin

 Stage Name: Soyun

Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist

Height: 165cm

Weight: 47kg

 Birthday: June 18, 1994

Blood Type: AB

Education: Sungkyunkwan University


Birth Name: Hwang Woo Lim

 Stage Name: Woolim

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Maknae

Height: 167cm

Weight: 48kg

 Birthday: April 29 1996

 Blood Type: O

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  1. You have the members and their positions mixed up: Hayoung is the Main Rapper, Yena is the Lead Vocalist, and Soyun is the Main Dancer and Sub Vocalist!

    • I don’t believe sub-vocalists work anymore. If they have a few lines only then she’s just a Vocalist. And while she’s the main dancer,there are no sub-dancers,so there shouldn’t be any for vocals. If Soyun had like two words to sing or one line then okay-she would be a sub-vocalist,but 5 lines are okay for a vocalist

  2. How can Woolim be the leader when she’s the youngest?? Plz explain

  3. Ogash were the same birthday of Woolim. <3

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