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{EXCLUSIVE} Title Track review for ‘D’ album Big Bang

We’ve waited for yet another month, and now, Big Bang has released their D album! The title tracks for this album is ‘Sober’ and ‘If You’. The album also contains the 4 other songs that were previously released two months ago and the instrumental tracks for ‘Sober and ‘If You’.

The lyrics for ‘Sober’ were by G-Dragon, Teddy Park, and T.O.P., with G-Dragon also in charge of the composition of the song. Its upbeat melody is the perfect summer song! It talks about a man who is sick and tired of being solemn about life and all factors of it because he does not have his girl next to him. Whereas the lyrics are blue and depressed, the melody is upbeat and quick-tempoed, giving the fans a fresh take on music. All the members seem to be have had a great time having fun and being silly in the making of their music video as well!

Watch the music video here!

While ‘Sober’ has an optimistic melody and rhythm, ‘If You’ has been claimed to be the saddest and most emotional song to ever have been produced by Big Bang. It would not have a music video to go with it because Big Bang wants their fans to focus on the song and the lyrics itself and not be distracted with a music video. The song has a slow tempo and there is no rapping from T.O.P., because instead of rapping, he has contributed to the song with his singing skills!

The lyrics talks about a man seeing his girl leaving right in front of his eyes and ‘if it is not too late, can they still get back together?’ The emotional touching words coming from Big Bang has left many fans in tears after listening to it.

Listen to the song here!

The ‘E’ album will be released on 1st August and entire full album will be released on 1st September!

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