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Rude fan curses AOA’s Mina at a recent fan meeting!



Rising girl group AOA had recently made their guest appereance on KBS Cool FM’ So Woo Jong’s Music Show’! Where they shared their thoughts on the wins that they got from their recent track “Heart Attack”, as well as their recent updates! 

While the members talked about how they all cried when they successfully grabbed the #1 trophy, then member Mina said “Everybody cried except for me”. The members were surprised by her answer and all said “You were crying in the car” making everybody suspicious! She then explained “I cried at a fan signing after being scolded by a fan” 

Previously during an AOA fan signing event on 4th of July at Apujeong, Mina was said to have been cursed by a fan. According to a fan who was present at the even the fan who cursed Mina said:

Fan: How many years did you train?
Mina: I’ve trained for around ? years
Fan: A singer should be good at singing, you should practice before trying to look after your fxxking face or I’m gonna upload it on Facebook.

   Netizens are now trying to search for the rude fan who cursed Mina. We have also attached a video of Mina rapping live on Eric Nam’s After School Show to prove that Mina is full of talent!

Meanwhile AOA are actively promoting on various music shows in Korea with their latest track “Heart Attack”

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