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[Album Review] Girls’ Generation – ‘Party’


Track List:

1. Party

2. Check

3. Party (Instrumental.)


Girl’s Generation is finally making their long awaited comeback after a year and four months with their second single album “Party”!

The single album composes of three tracks, first being the title track “Party”. Party is dance pop track composed by Albi Albertsson, Chris Young and Agnes Shin; while the lyrics for the track is written by Yoon Kyoung Cho. Party itself is a catchy dance pop track which shows the girls’ sexy charms, however not hiding their innocence at the same time! While the song brings out the girls’ charms, it also gives out a summer feel helping listeners to relax! The song talks about ditching the busy days and stress, and party! The excitement and the craziness in party is also explained in the song, giving us a relaxing and comfortable feel. Hopefully the song itself will bring away the stress that you suffered and with its relaxing and exciting lyrics it’ll definitely cheer you up from stress.

The second track “Check” is a groovy R&B track which contrasts with the joyful and exciting dance pop track “Party”. It is composed by famous producer Teddy Riley, Dominque Rodriguez and Daniel Obi Klein; while the lyrics is written by Mafly. Check itself is a groovy R&B track which shows the girls’ sexiness throughout the entire song. The song talks about how the girls’ checks themselves before appealing to a guy.

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