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APink’s Leader ,Chorong, is currently accused for having bad vocals

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APink’s leader Park Chorong is getting accused for having bad vocals. A certain K-Pop news outlet is currently stirring up comments of netizens that criticized Chorongs bad vocals, and we have decided to speak out and express our feels too.

Chorong’s voice was criticized for being weak and unable to hit high notes. Yes, Chorong’s voice is really soft, but it is a great addition to the range of vocals that APink offers. Her voice is really unique and it is definitely able to make APink look and sound really sweet and cute. Yes, Chorong’s voice may not be as powerful as other members and she might not be able to hit high notes all the time, but everyone is born with a different vocal range and that is why girl groups are so special compared to solo singers, it is all because of how many different voices they can offer in a song, and as long as they fuse well together, in the end it doesn’t matter, because everyone is different with different charms in their voice.

Chorong is not just a singer, but a great dancer. Her ability to dance is important too because in a girl group you also need dance moves that bring the song to life during love performances!  That is why Chorong is significant in APink.

Chorong is also a great lyric writer, she has written multiple songs for APink. APink’s famous ballad song, ‘Love Story (Fairytale Love)’ was beautifully crafted by Chorong. The lyrics were up to professional quality and is really touching. Therefore we can see how talented Chorong is.

Chorong also acted in drama Plus Nine Boys, showing her talent in acting!

Chorong is also a great leader for APink. We can see that from how much APink members respect Chorong. If you do follow APink, you will find out that Chorong cooks and cleans the house for APink usually. She also made Hayoung a lunch box to celebrate her graduation! Chorong is precious not just to Pink Pandas, but also to APink members.

Chorong is a girl with many emotions. Chorong is known to tear up easily whenever something happens to APink. She is also really cute and her aegyo flows out naturally without her even trying. Therefore Chorong is more than what you usually see just from the surface.

Chorong also cares for fans. She urges fans to drink more water during summer during one of her SNS posts. Showing her love to fans.

In an interview, the director of APink was asked who is the most hard-working in APink. The director responded by saying it was Chorong, and it was because she wanted to set a good example for her dongsaengs (Younger Members) !


Idols go through tough training before their debut, therefore they should not be made fun of.  Most say that they should just ‘deal with it’ because the moment they decided to become an idol, they should be prepared for this.Idols are also humans, they have feelings. Chorong is not just the only one that is being criticized, many idols are criticized on a daily basis. Netizens may not be able to make things viral alone, but with the media helping them they can easily spread like wildfire. Media outlets should realize that they have an important role in spreading information and they should use it wisely and if they do not have knowledge on the situation, they should not report it. One outlet even posted the wrong picture and put Hayoung instead of Chorong. Really?


To Chorong. NowKPop supports you, we know that you have much more talent than what the hateful netizens claim. You are precious to Pink Pandas and APink members, therefore, please don’t get upset over the comments. If you are upset, so will the people that love you! Stay happy ,stay healthy, we will continue supporting you. We are looking forward for more awesome performances that you will bring us through ‘Remember’ promotions this summer!- KJH, CEO of NowKPop

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  1. Nguyễn Bình An

    I love her vocal and voice. Really special. Chorong fighting!
    Love from VietNam!

  2. Aisyah Qaleesya

    I don’t think that chorong have a nad vocal..i started to follow a pink bcoz of chorong..my first impression when i see her in the a pink news season 1..i was thinking that..she is great leader and singer..i respected her more when she protected her members like one family..and to chorong, many people will throw a stone in your path..it’s depend on you how u deal with it..either u fight it or build a bridge..because u r architect in ur life..its ok if sometimes u feel down..Coz God love u more..and i will always support and pray for ur happiness even we are from different religion..chorong fighting.

  3. i don’t think she is a bad singer. I agree that sometimes i can’t hear her singing clearly. But it’s because of her natural tone. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work and practice as hardly as other members. Although there are how many people bashing her, i still love Chorong so much – my bias <3

  4. I don’t think ppl actually hate her. Mayb as a person she’s really nice. For some fans they felt disappointed. She’s an idol. As a KOREAN idol, she would want to give her best performance. Entertainment is a tough business in Korea. Beside performing is supposed to be her livelihood. Many with pretty faces could dance sexily but their vocal should stand out. Would u want to pay to watch a 3rd rate performance. Be honest, u only like her because she’s pretty n can dance sexily. U don’t really care if she can sing or not. Do u think she could survive singing solo? Sigh…pls give chances to those who could.

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