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Tao releases his first mini album named after himself, “T.A.O”.

There still has no official statement from SM regrading Tao’s sudden leave (hiatus), however Tao made his solo debut in China with his first mini album.

The mini album includes 3 songs, “T.A.O”, “One Heart” and Yesterday”. “One Heart” and “Yesterday” are wonderful ballads that shows his breathtaking and hidden vocals where as the song “T.A.O” seems to focus more on his rap.

Tao left a short message on his Weibo wanting to express his love towards fans that are still supporting him, “I recorded what I wanted to say in the lyrics. I hope everyone will like it. Thank you to everyone around me who helped me. I hope we all will be happy and joyful in this moment. Since you have put your faith in me, I will bring you all a beautiful tomorrow. I love you all.”

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