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SHINee releases ‘Married to the Music’!

SHINee are back with another track this summer, this time they’re here with ‘Married to the Music’! The concept for this MV is unlike any other, the members are seen going to a house party but with a vintage vibe, reflected in their outifts and the furnishings. In the MV, the concept of ‘Married to the Music’ has the aura of an old horror film, with unexpected things happening to the members of SHINee such as Key getting his head chopped off, Minho getting his face burned off, Jonghyun losing his lips after being kissed, Taemin getting his eyes knocked out and Onew getting his nose stolen by a hand in a sink!

A mysterious woman dressed in a wedding gown with a lace veil and gloves can be seen at the party interacting with the SHINee members, but leaves us confused as to whether or not if she’s the one causing all of this to the members!

Check out the music video below!

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