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Wonder Girls Profile


Standing: (From Left to Right) Yeeun, Hyerim, Yubin, Sunmi

Wonder Girls (Korean: 원더걸스) is a four member girl group / band under JYP Entertainment. The current lineup of the Wonder Girls are Yubin, Yeeun, Hyelim, Sunmi. Wonder Girls’ official fanclub is Wonderful and their official color is Pearl Burgundy! They officially debuted with the release of their first single “The Wonder Begins” on February 13, 2007. And held their debut stage on MBC’s Music Core with their debut track “Irony” on August 10, 2007, three days prior their single was released. After the release of their second mini album Like This the Wonder Girls’ went on a three-year hiatus as a group as they pursue their solo careers. However in the three-year hiatus of the group leader Sunye and member Sohee has departed the group in order to take care of their family and to pursue a solo acting career respectively.

On June 24, 2015, JYP Entertainment announces that former member Sunmi will be returning to the group and that Wonder Girls will finally be making a comeback after a three-year hiatus. However unlike their previous comebacks Wonder Girls will be returning as a girl-band instead of a dance group.

Current Member


Birth Name: Kim Yu Bin (김유빈)

Stage Name: Yubin (유빈)

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Drummer

Birthday: October 4, 1988

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Myongji University

Hobbies: Listening to Music, Collecting CDs

Place Of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea

Nickname(s): BoNoBoNo


Birth Name: Park Ye Eun (박예은)

Stage Name: Yeeun / Yenny / HA:TFELT (예은) (핫펠트)

Position: Main Vocalist, Keyboardist

Birthday: May 26, 1989

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 47kg

Blood Type: AB

Education: Kyunghee University

Hobbies: Listening to music, Reading, Reading the Bible

Place Of Birth: Goyang County, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Nickname(s): Park Oppa


Birth Name: Lee Sun Mi (이선미)

Stage Name: Yeeun / Mi Mi (선미)

Position: Lead Vocalist, Bassist

Birthday: May 2, 1992

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 43kg

Blood Type: AB

Education: Dongguk University 

Hobbies: Acting, Singing

Place Of Birth: Iksan, North Jeolla, South Korea

Nickname(s): Deer, 4-Dimensional


Birth Name: Woo Hye Rim (우혜림)

Stage Name: Hyerim, Hyelim, Lim (혜림)

Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Guitarist, Maknae

Birthday: September 1, 1992

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 49kg

Blood Type: O

Education: Delia School of Canada

Hobbies: Acting, Singing

Place Of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Nickname(s): Little Apple

Former Member

Birth Name: Kim Hyun Ah

Stage Name: HyunA

Nicknames: Kim Force HyunAh, “Best Aegyo” HyunAh (acting cute), 키며나 / 김효나 (Kimyeona/ Kim Hyona)

Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist

Birthday: June 6, 1992

Blood Type: B

Height: 164 cm

Weight: 44 kg

Hobbies: Rapping, Poppin’, Street dancing, Singing

Education: Konkuk University

Place Of Birth: Jeolla, South Korea

Former Group: 4Minute

Sub Unit: Trouble Maker

Birth Name: Ahn So Hee

Stage Name: Sohee

Position: Lead Dancer, Face Of The Group, Sub Vocalist

Birthday: June 27, 1992

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 43kg

Blood Type: AB

Education: Dongguk University

Hobbies: Reading, Sleeping

Nicknames: Mandoo

Place Of Birth: Seoul, South Korea


Birth Name: Min Sun Ye

Stage Name: Sunye, Sun

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Birthday: August 12, 1989

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 45kg

Blood Type: A

Education: Dongguk University

Hobbies: Watching movies, Working out

Nicknames: Min Jookie, SsoNye

Place Of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

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