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Directioners and QUEENS battle it out in a heated fan army war?!

T-ARA’s official fandom QUEEN’S are beating One Directions official fandom Directioners in the current voting polls for the Billboard Awards’ ‘Fan Army Face Off’ by taking the title of #1.

Meeting up in the semi finals are the top 4, T-ARA, One Direction, Beyonce and 5 Seconds of Summer, T-ARA taking the lead with an impressive 1,378,631 votes, beating One Direction by 432,630 votes.


Directioners are not happy with the results and have accused QUEENS of cheating and rigging the voting system, also sending complain letters to Billboard such as shown:

“Dear Billboard,

I regret to inform you that your ‘Fan Army Face Off’ was hacked and auto voting for #queens was placed. The fandom queens tweeted about having hacked Billboard by using autobots to vote. I would attach the photo proof, but I am only on my laptop. Although if you search through #DisqualifyQueens hashtag on Twitter, you will find proof. Also, in order for votes to count, you have to vote for both categories correct? Well Queens now has over a million votes, so wouldn’t that mean 5sos or Behives would also have close to a million, because you would have to vote for both. Either way, there is a lot of proofs that Queens hacked and rigged the voting, please fix immediately because 5SOSFam and Directioners are very upset and will boycott.”

Directioners have also stormed Twitter by speaking their opinions about how T-ARA is winning and raging over the fact that a Kpop band is beating a mainstream band.

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  1. I seriously think that T-ARA is where it is because it was rigged. 1D had more fans and has the most powerful fandom. So, you T-ARA fans can bitch at me for saying this, but Beyonce will kick your ass. And the directioners will have the last laugh!

  2. lmao i dont think it was rigged.. t-ara is very popular in china and china is 80 percent of the worlds population.. plus snh48 ( a group related to akb48 which is very popular) members asked their fans to help vote so.. so if you think that its being rigged.. your loss lmao �����?�����?

    • just to your information… whole asia is just 60.1% of the worlds population… so how should only china be 80%?!? And second these ‘Queens’ said themself they cheated so why dont you belive theme? And there is acctuly prove that they used bots… i mean you had to vote for both that the vote counds… so how does it come that Queen vs Directioners had 2 Million Votes while Beyonce vs 5sosFam only had 1 Million?! Thats impossible if they wouldnt have had cheated!!

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