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Amber opens up misunderstandings about Woori and her

On 14 August, f(x)’s Amber posted a written passage along with a photo of Woori and her together, looking close and smiling at the camera. This was, apparently, meant to clean up some misunderstandings that fans have about Woori and Amber when Woori once stated that she disliked eating with Amber because she “ate like a dog”. Amber said,

“…Woori is someone very close to me and has basically been my mom in Korea.”

“…they’re pretty much true, haha, and honestly it was really funny: and two, since its her, she’s pretty much allowed to say it. If it wasn’t someone this close to me, I wouldn’t ahve made the effort to even say anything.”

“It hurts me that someone like Woori is getting backlash over something about me that was meant to be funny.”

This was also typed in Korean for her Korean fans.

Well, Amber, we hope everyone got your message!

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