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Billboard draws controversy as they report false information!

Although billboard is one of the most popular music magazines in the world, they do report false information as well.

Few days ago it was revealed that Super Junior and E.L.Fs won Choice International Artist and Choice Fandom respectively; however billboard reported by saying that One Direction won the awards even though they didn’t. Many E.L.Fs expressed their thoughts about their false reports, saying how research wasn’t done enough for the article.

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billboard soon corrects the mistake, however after the edit, everything about the award “Choice International Artist” was gone. Nothing was mentioned, not even the winner Super Junior. Again this draws controversy as billboard did mentioned the award in its article before, therefore stating the award’s importance and impact on Teen Choice. As the award was mentioned before, many E.L.Fs are disappointed with billboard’s act as not a the winner wasn’t mentioned in the article although it is an important award!

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The award should be mentioned in the article right?

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