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GD&TOP wins August 20th’s M Countdown!

GD&TOP grabbed their #1 trophy for their song “Zutter” on the August 20th’s episode of  “M! Countdown”!

The nominees for today’s episode were Wonder Girls and GD&TOP However it was GD&TOP who grabbed the #1 trophy. Congratulations!

Kim Hyung Jun returned with “Cross the Line”, VIXX LR made their sub-group debut with “Beautiful Liar”, Stephanie finally makes her solo comeback “Prisoner”, SG Wannabe made their long awaited comeback with “Good Memories”, ZPZG returned with “AOAO”, JJCC made their return featuring new members Zica and Yul with “Where You At”HyunA is sexy and bold with her solo return “Because I’m the Best”, Big Bang returns with their singles from E, T-ara gets you crazy with their stage So Crazy and last but not least B1A4 made their return with Sweet Girl

Other performers of the night were  Gfriend, Hello Venus, Kim So Jung, Su Jung Pae, Baechigi, BU, Yeon Bun Hong, Yoo Seung Woo, 10×10 and D-Holic.


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  1. Kim Hyung Jun Comeback is amazing
    Miss him so much
    play back hayoung is nice too.

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